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A Treatise on Political Economy; or the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Wealth

By Jean-Baptiste Say
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  1. A table, showing the comparative condition of
  2. Average price of Wheat Years per qr.
  3. In a pamphlet entitled, Considerations on British Agriculture, published in 1814, by
  4. In the year 1826, a professorship of political economy was founded at the university of Oxford, and a highly able and instructive course of lectures has since been delivered before that university, by
  5. Inquiry into the Princ.
  6. Of this, a striking instance is given in a work entitled, Diverses Idées sur la Legislation et l’Administration, par
  7. On the National Debt of Great Britain. 8vo., Edinburgh, 1813. 112. In England and the United States they are not nearly so high in proportion, but the ratio is even higher in some states that shall be nameless.
  8. Population of the United States, According to Five Enumerations; from the Official Revision.
  9. Proposals for an economical and secure
  10. Remarks on the Advantages and Disadvantages of France and of Great Britain,
  11. the annual consumption of the precious metals, from 1810 to 1830, in their application to ornamental and luxurious purposes, he estimates as follows:
  12. The first work to which we refer, is the Essay on the External Corn Trade, by
  13. (1833). The following summary recapitulation of the value of property in Great Britain and Ireland, in the year 1833, is extracted from “Table XVI. General Estimate of the Public and Private Property of
  14. (1815). Vide our author’s pamphlet, entitled, de l’Angleterre, et des Anglais,
  15. Vide the laws dated
  16. Vide the works of
  17. (2000). When a traveller arrives in France, and there spends