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Pursuit of Competitive Advantages for Entrepreneurship: Development of Enterprise as a Learning Organization. International and Russian Experience

By Anna Dokukina


The range of up-to-date means to achieve success in business is rather extensive. The question is how to use them effectively taking into consideration conceptual changes in modern business strategies. Characteristics of development of the firm as a learning organization and crea-tion of corporate universities has been discussed during last decades by corporate and human resources managers, economic consultants and business education professionals. Most researchers emphasize the role of a corporate training system as an important competitive advantage in the dynamic conditions of modern business activity. Interest of Russian businessmen and economists to the new ways of solving managerial and production tasks has emerged quite recently. The pursuit of effective decision in management and production corresponding to the actual business strategies leads to the increase of significance of intellectual capital as a base of a system of com-petitive advantages of Russian enterprises. The current and planned research is devoted to the problem of pursuit and crea-tion of unique resources such as systems of corporate training and knowledge manage-ment which are main elements of strategic planning and management of a firm. The framework of research includes the following main points: · Analysis of the modern market development and related new business con-cepts. · The role of intellectual capital as an important part of a business life. · Dynamics of business environment and the necessity of learning organiza-tions’ creation and development. · Modern Corporate Universities as the most important institute of the enter-prise. · International and Russian tendencies in accumulation and application of intel-lectual capital and creation of Corporate Universities. The present article is dedicated to the consideration of the reasons and directions of conceptual changes in the business activity realization; to the problems of the devel-opment of business enterprise as learning organization and creation of the corporate universities; to the experience and tendencies of the concentration and realization of in-tellectual capital. Key words: entrepreneurship, economics of the firm, competition, intellectual capital, learning organization, knowledge management, corporate university.

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