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Problems and Prospects of Shrimp Farming in Bangladesh

By Jannatul Mawa Nupur


Shrimp is one of the leading exportable products in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is earning about 500 millions of foreign currency yearly by exporting shrimp and contributing 3.78% in GDP. This study intends to find out the problems related to the shrimp industry in Bangladesh to export in the international markets. As such a research study has been undertaken on shrimp farmers, experts and government employees of the shrimp farming areas. To gauge the prospects of shrimp farming, the south-western region of Bangladesh has been considered as the core farming areas. These three categories of stakeholders are related to the problems and prospects of shrimp industry in Bangladesh. A total of 100 stakeholders were selected to respond. The author suggested that problems including high mortality rate, lack of virus screening facility and the unfair practices should be taken into account for the both operative and strategic level without delay. Enforcement of food security from the external sector of the government ought to be discovered.

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