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Decomposition-Based Method for Sparse Semidefinite Relaxations of Polynomial Optimization Problems

By P. M. Kleniati, Panos Parpas and Berc Rustem


We consider polynomial optimization problems pervaded by a sparsity pattern. It has been shown in [1, 2] that the optimal solution of a polynomial programming problem with structured sparsity can be computed by solving a series of semidefinite relaxations that possess the same kind of sparsity. We aim at solving the former relaxations with a decompositionbased method, which partitions the relaxations according to their sparsity pattern. The decomposition-based method that we propose is an extension to semidefinite programming of the Benders decomposition for linear programs [3] .Polynomial optimization, Semidefinite programming, Sparse SDP relaxations, Benders decomposition

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