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Maximal outerplanar graphs as chordal graphs, path-neighborhood graphs, and triangle graphs

By R.C. Laskar, H.M. Mulder and B. Novick


Maximal outerplanar graphs are characterized using three different classes of graphs. A path-neighborhood graph is a connected graph in which every neighborhood induces a path. The triangle graph $T(G)$ has the triangles of the graph $G$ as its vertices, two of these being adjacent whenever as triangles in $G$ they share an edge. A graph is edge-triangular if every edge is in at least one triangle. The main results can be summarized as follows: the class of maximal outerplanar graphs is precisely the intersection of any of the two following classes: the chordal graphs, the path-neighborhood graphs, the edge-triangular graphs having a tree as triangle graph.maximal outerplanar graph;path-neighborhood graph;triangle graph;chordal graph;elimination ordering

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