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Management of Public Acquisition in the Context of Public-Private Partnership

By Daniel Constantin JIROVEANU and Sorin DRAJNEANU


With Romania's integration in the European Union it has been compelled to align its national legislation with the European one. This change also applies in regards with public acquisitions where legislation change implies facilitating free movement of merchandise. The means of public acquisitions which Romania was using before joining the European Union can no longer be used in the current context. Thus, current legislation must be adapted to European specific requirements while keeping the national and regional particularities. The acceptance of public-private partnership, successfully implemented in many European countries, is one direction in which public acquisition performances can be enhanced. Public-private partnership benefits derive from accepting the provider (private organization that provides goods and services) - beneficiary connection (public organization purchasing goods and services) as a partnership in which the seller-buyer relationship is seen as a win-win relationship with repetitive nature (over a long period of time).management of public procurement; public-private partnership; the annual procurement; decentralization of public administration.

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