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Lead, zinc and copper mineralisation in basal Carboniferous sediments at Westwater, south Scotland

By M.J. Gallagher, A. Davies, M.E. Parker, R.T. Smith, N.J. Fortey and G.D. Easterbrook


A zioneo f lead, zinc and copperm ineralisatioins developedo ver a minimum\ud I of 4 km of strikeo f basal Carboniferoucse mentstoneg roup sedimentsa nd\ud immediatelyu nderlyingB irrenswarkL avas atwestwater,n ear Laqholm in south\ud Scotland. Grades so far obtained from sparse rock exposures and from shallow\ud boreholes\ud a fissure\ud sulphides\ud are usuallyO .l-O.j%o f combinedm etals over 1-2 m of thickness,bu t\ud vein of higher grade and a relativelyt hick zone of disseminated\ud were also located. Galena, sphalerite,c halcopyritea ndbaryte\ud occur mainly in thin dolomitev eins but disseminationosf galenaa re also\ud presenti n sandstoneu nits. The mineralisatioins of low temperaturet ype\ud I\ud was emplaceda long northeasterlyt rendingn ormal faultsa nd cross faults\ud regardeda s late Carboniferouisn age.\ud and\ud Mineralisatiohna s been controlledb y faulting,r egionalf aciesv aziation\ud and local lithologicalv ariationa s well as by stratigraphipco sition. These\ud controlsa re applicablei n furthere xplorationo f Lower Carboniferourso cks in\ud both south and central Scotland. The heavy mineral fraction of stream sediment\ud is the optimums amplingt ype in reconnaissanceex plorationo f areas of calcareous .\ud rocks such as the Lower Carboniferouso f south Scotlanda nd basal till sampling\ud is the most effectivem ethod of follow-upe xplorationi n those areas where\ud glaciald epositsa re widespreada nd often thick

Publisher: Institute of Geological Sciences
Year: 1977
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