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Mineral reconnaissance at the Highland boundary with special reference to the Loch Lomond and Aberfoyle areas

By W.G. Henderson, N.J. Fortey, C.E. Johnson and A. Grout


Serpentinite bodies at the Highland Boundary in\ud the Loch Lomond and Aberfoyle areas are\ud extensively altered to magnesite-quartz and\ud ferroan-dolomite-quartz rocks. Silicification was\ud probably initiated before conversion to carbonate.\ud Relict textures indicate that the serpentinites were\ud derived from peridotitic precursors, but one\ud unaltered ultrabasic sample comprises mainly\ud chromian diopside. Chromite geochemistry and\ud hornblende-schist mineralogy rein force the ophiolitic\ud character of the serpentinite-spilite-blackshale-\ud chcrt assemblage of the Highland Border.\ud Magnetic and VLF traverses across the Highland\ud Boundary fracture-zone near Helensburgh\ud identified several anomalous zones. One may be\ud due to a concealed serpentinitic sheet.\ud The most mineralised serpentinite body\ud showed chromium values in the range 1000 to\ud 3035 ppm. Such concentrations arc not encouraging\ud for the small serpentinites at Loch Lomond\ud and Aberfoyle, but may be significant regarding\ud larger serpentinites elsewhere at the Highland\ud Border

Topics: Earth Sciences
Publisher: Institute of Geological Sciences
Year: 1983
OAI identifier:

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