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Integrating children's perspectives in policy-making to combat poverty and social exclusion experienced by single-parent families: a transnational comparative approach

By S. Spyrou, N. Thoma, L. Antoniou, G. Agathokleous, Frances Taylor, Sue Cohen, Karin Crawford, Suzy Giullari, Janet Walker, A. Mouriki, M. Michailidou and E. Gazon


This is the final report of a research project that addressed social exclusion and poverty as it relates to single parent families and their children in particular. The rising numbers of single parent families and\ud children throughout the EU and the increased likelihood that these families will live in poverty and experience many different forms of social exclusion in their daily lives brings in sharp focus the need to address the issue as an urgent one in our efforts to eradicate poverty and social exclusion. The focus on the children of single parent\ud families seeks to rectify a long-standing problem in our knowledge and understanding of single parent families and the social problems they face, namely, the fact that little, if anything, is known about how these children experience and understand their lives as members of these families. The research set out to contribute to policy development and the transnational exchange of best practice by adding a much-neglected dimension on single parent families. The project used a cross-national comparative qualitative research design and methods (Mangen 1999) which involved all partners in the design of each research phase\ud including the analysis; partners were England, Cyprus and Greece

Topics: L520 Child Care, L241 European Union Politics, L400 Social Policy, L432 Welfare Policy
Publisher: Not applicable
Year: 2007
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