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Eastbourne Park District Plan - review of hydrology and hydraulics

Topics: Hydrology
Publisher: Binnie & Partners
Year: 1987
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  1. (which is possibly the most low-lying of the four).
  2. (1986). 1.2 The original Terms of Reference as contained in your letter41 to us dated 22
  3. (1986). approach to the combined study by the Institute of Hydrology and ourselves which we set out in our letter to you dated 9
  4. (1986). Av erage discharge at Langney Bridge over 24 hr at heigh t of flood
  5. (1986). Based on a hydraulic analysis using the available data it 41 was not possible to define precisely the performance of West Langney Sewer during the flood of 2 to 6
  6. (1985). Based on Southern Water data for period
  7. (1971). chalk areas may be significant and that a flood build-up in the Park area may be accompanied by gales (wh ich presumably might exacerbate flooding through wave set-up).
  8. (1985). Countryside Research
  9. data in an MSc thesn by A
  10. De t e r ia1nand Mean Med i an Mi n i mum Ibu l arim Mean Med i an Mi n i mum Ma xi mum 0 Te mper at ur e 6C
  11. (1986). e / s depending on which of the two tide curves assumed for Fence Bridge is the more realistic. This analysis is outlined on Table 7 .2 . By contrast in the unlikely event that the levels at Fence Bridge are the same as on 3
  12. (1960). East Sussex River Board report on the
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  15. (1986). Estimate of effective outlet capacity ID 6 .7 A simple water balance approach can be used to obtain a first estimate of the average effective discharge capacity of the two 10 outlets from Willingdon Levels during the flood
  16. (1960). flood of O ctober/November
  17. (1986). h showin calculation of flow
  18. If eS e Ye eb y H . 0 4 each would 1987-05-14
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  20. (1986). km: direct catchment to Willingdon Levels .
  21. (1986). shows Langney Bridge water levels and catchment rainfalls for the period 1-6
  22. (1985). shows the recorded nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations since
  23. (1960). Th is event followed soon after Event M and led to reports in the 7
  24. (1985). the event are con tained in Section 6 . E ve n t A n tec ' D ate ke y c o nd it '
  25. (1985). The following report contains an appraisal of the hydrological assumptions and policies which are summarised in a document41 entitled 'Eastbourne Park District Plan - Policies and Proposals' dated
  26. (1978). The Institu tion of Civil
  27. (1986). The water levels recorded at Langney Bridge and Pevensey 110 Depot on 3
  28. (1986). With our letter dated 11

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