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Characterisation and noise analysis of high Ge content p-channel SiGe MOSFETs fabricated using virtual substrates

By Sergiy Durov


This thesis demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of investigated p-type SiGe MOSFETs with high Ge content Si1#xGex p-channel grown on Si1#yGey virtual substrate (VS) (x "0'7$0'9, y "0'3$0'5) in comparison with conventional Si devices. The ways to overcome current difficulties in conventional Si technology and mixed SiGe-Si technology are shown.\ud Current-voltage (I-V) and capacitance-voltage (C-V) DC characteristics for p-channel Si/Si1#xGex/Si1#yGey hetero-MOSFETs with high Ge content (x "0'7$0'9, y"0'3$0'5) are reported. Enhancement in the maximum drain current for the p-SiGe devices in comparison with p-Si control is 2.5-3.0 times. DC characteristic simulations of SiGe p-channel MOSFETs were used to improve the accuracy of MOSFET and heterostructure parameters extraction. Calibrated during the simulation theoretical models were used for future design. The effective mobility, the source-drain access resistance, the doping profile, the layers thickness, oxide/semiconductor interface charge and other important characteristics were extracted. \ud The effective mobility values, extracted for p-Si0%3Ge0%7 MOSFETs, exceed the hole mobility in a conventional Si p-MOS device by a factor of 3.5 and reach the mobility of conventional Si n-MOS transistors. The peak value of me f f = 760 cm2V#1s#1 at field 0.08 MVcm#1 was obtained for p-Si/Si0%2Ge0%8/ Si0%5Ge0%5 MOSFETs.\ud Efficiency of special n-type doped layer, also known as "punch-through" stopper, introduced into heterostructure is shown. Perfect I-V and also low frequency noise characteristics of investigated MOSFET show that the p-type Si/Si1#xGex/Si1#yGey (x "0'7 $0'9, x $y "0'3$0'4) heterostructures with "punch-through" stopper could be very impressive opportunity to conventional Si for modern semiconductor industry. For the first time, quantitative explanation of the low frequency noise reduction in metamorphic, high Ge content, SiGe p-MOSFETs compared to Si p-MOSFETs have been proposed.\ud Quantitative analysis demonstrates the importance of both carrier number fluctuations and correlated mobility fluctuations (CMF) components to the 1/ f noise of surface channel Si p-MOSFET, but the absence of CMF for buried channel p-Si0%3Ge0%7 and p- Si0%2Ge0%8 MOSFETs. The low frequency noise was measured to be three times smaller for a 0.55 mm effective gate length p-Si0%3Ge0%7 MOSFET than the Si control, at linear regime (VDS = -50 mV) and high gate overdrive voltage (Vgt= -1.5 V). This result is very important, because we have reduction in LF noise at high gate overdrive voltages, which are typical for analogue and power electronics application.\ud Both DC and low frequency noise characteristics show that access source and drain resistance for metamorphic p-SiGe MOSFETs (RS +RD ,1.5-2.0kW !mm) roughly 2 times lower then for conventional p-Si MOSFETs

Topics: TK, QC
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