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A generalized multidimensional index structure for multimedia data to support content-based similarity searches in a collaborative search environment

By Kasturi Chatterjee


Since multimedia data, such as images and videos, are way more expressive and informative than ordinary text-based data, people find it more attractive to communicate and express with them. Additionally, with the rising popularity of social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, multimedia information retrieval can no longer be considered a solitary task. Rather, people constantly collaborate with one another while searching and retrieving information. But the very cause of the popularity of multimedia data, the huge and different types of information a single data object can carry, makes their management a challenging task. Multimedia data is commonly represented as multidimensional feature vectors and carry high-level semantic information. These two characteristics make them very different from traditional alpha-numeric data. Thus, to try to manage them with frameworks and rationales designed for primitive alpha-numeric data, will be inefficient. An index structure is the backbone of any database management system. It has been seen that index structures present in existing relational database management frameworks cannot handle multimedia data effectively. Thus, in this dissertation, a generalized multidimensional index structure is proposed which accommodates the atypical multidimensional representation and the semantic information carried by different multimedia data seamlessly from within one single framework. Additionally, the dissertation investigates the evolving relationships among multimedia data in a collaborative environment and how such information can help to customize the design of the proposed index structure, when it is used to manage multimedia data in a shared environment. Extensive experiments were conducted to present the usability and better performance of the proposed framework over current state-of-art approaches

Topics: Computer Sciences
Publisher: FIU Digital Commons
Year: 2010
OAI identifier:

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