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Psychological type preferences of male British Assemblies of God Theological College students: tough-minded or tender-hearted?

By William K. Kay, Leslie J. Francis and Charlotte L. Craig


Psychological type theory proposes that people make decisions through using one of two dichotomous judging functions (thinking and feeling). People who prefer thinking make judgements based on impersonal logic and tend to be objective and tough-minded, while people who prefer feeling make judgements based on personal values and tend to be compassionate and tender-hearted. This study explores the notion that the judging functions are key predictors of individual differences in terms of religiosity. The psychological type preferences of a sample of 190 male Assemblies of God bible college students were assessed using Form G (Anglicised) of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The data revealed preferences for thinking over feeling, and the implications of this finding are explored

Topics: BR, BF
Publisher: European Pentecostal Theological Association
Year: 2008
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