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Indexicality, context, and pretense: a speech-act theoretic account

By François Recanati


In this paper, I argue that the notion of ‘context' that has to be used in the study of indexicals is far from univocal. A first distinction has to be made between the real context of speech and the context in which the speech act is supposed to take place — only the latter notion being relevant when it comes to determining the semantic values of indexicals. Second, we need to draw a distinction between the context of the locutionary act and the context of the illocutionary act : contrary to a standard assumption of speech act theory, they can diverge, and their possible divergence explains a number of puzzling phenomena involving indexicals

Topics: [ SCCO.COGDYNAMICS ] Cognitive science/domain_scco.cogdynamics, [ SCCO.NAIVEPSYANDSIMU ] Cognitive science/domain_scco.naivepsyandsimu, [ SHS.LANGUE.PRAGMATICS ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics/domain_shs.langue.pragmatics, [ SHS.LANGUE.SEMANTICS ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics/domain_shs.langue.semantics, [ SHS.PHIL.LANGUAGE ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Philosophy/domain_shs.phil.language
Publisher: Palgrave-Macmillan
Year: 2005
OAI identifier: oai:HAL:ijn_00000645v1

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