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Smokers' representations of their own smoking: a Q-methodological study

By Patricia Collins, Moira Maguire and Lindsay O'Dell


Little work has addressed how smokers represent their own smoking rather than smoking in general. Research has identified a huge number of variables that contribute to smoking, yet not much is known about how smokers 'make sense' of these and construct explanations of the factors that contribute to their own smoking. This study used Q-methodology to investigate smokers' own representations of their smoking behaviour. Concourse analysis produced 75 statements about smoking and these were used to generate the Q-grid. 36 adult smokers completed this grid and an accompanying response booklet. Analysis revealed four main factors: smoking as a social tool; the dual identity\ud smoker; reactionary smoking, and smoking as a social event. An exploration of these factors suggests that smokers hold complex and diverse representations of their own smoking and construct explanations of it in different ways. We argue that an understanding of the diversity of smokers' representations and explanations of their own smoking could play a useful role in developing more effective targeted interventions.\ud (Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications Ltd from Collins, Patricia and Maguire, Moira and O'Dell, Lindsay (2002) Smokers' representations of their own smoking: a Q-methodological study. Copyright 2005 SAGE Publications).\u

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  1. (When attempting to quit) Being nagged for having the odd puff really winds me up
  2. (2007). 743441. E-mail : pat.collins@luton.ac.uk Moira Maguire, Department of Psychology, University of Westminster, 309 Regent St., London W1B 2UW,
  3. I have loads of good memories which involve smoking
  4. I tend to have at least one regular smoking partner during unofficial breaks at work/college
  5. If I tried to quit, I’d have to avoid other smokers for a while
  6. It’s no surprise I started smoking, everyone around me seemed to smoke when I was growing up. Smokers’ representations of their own smoking
  7. Kids are forced into smoking by their friends
  8. Kids who start smoking early are usually the dare-devils
  9. My whole personality changes when I’m trying to quit
  10. People should live for the day and smoke if they enjoy it
  11. Quitting makes you eat more so I’d rather be a slightly unhealthy skinny smoker than a fat non-smoker
  12. When I’ve tried to quit, the temptation to smoke is worse when I’m on my own
  13. You can spot an occasional smoker a mile off

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