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Quantitative analysis of chloroplast protein targeting

By Michael Kok Keng Li


This thesis presents the first use of the Partition of Unity Method in quantifying\ud the spatio-temporal dynamics of a fluorescent protein targeted to\ud the chloroplast twin-arginine translocation pathway.\ud The fluorescence loss in photobleaching technique is applied in a modified\ud fashion to the measurement of substrate mobilities in the chloroplast\ud stroma. Our in vivo results address the two suggested protein targeting\ud mechanisms of membrane-binding before lateral movement to the translocon\ud and direct binding to the translocon.\ud A high performance computing C/C++ implementation of the Partition\ud of Unity Method is used to perform simulations of fluoresence loss\ud in photobleaching and allow a compelling comparison to photobleaching\ud data series. The implementation is both mesh-free and particle-less

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  1. 43Chapter 1. Introduction Stiness matrix The stiness matrix is used to calculate R jruhj2
  2. 66Chapter
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  4. as the loss in fluorescence is account
  5. C C C C C A 1=2 is a norm on Wm;2( ). H1( ) is defined to be the completion of the space C1( ) with respect to the
  6. C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C A Namingbasedonphysicalinterpretation Thegeneralformofadamped wave equation @2u @t2 + @u @t r (ru) = 0 gives rise to a “matrix dierential equation” (Zienkiewicz et al., 2006, p. 564) M¨ q + C˙ q + Kq + f
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  16. M A number M 2 N used to denote the number of test
  17. Mass matrix The mass matrix is used to calculate R (uh)2 dx and takes the form shown below (Strang
  18. Name Example Dirichlet or essential b.c. u = f Neumann or natural b.c. @u @n = 0 Robin or generalized Neumann b.c. au + b@u @n = g Mixed combinations of the above The
  19. Point in polygon test The point in polygon test we use is the HackerShimrat Algorithm 112 (Hacker, 1962). doi
  20. Rayleigh-Ritz Method
  21. Shepard’sMethod
  22. Svedberg unit (S) Non-SIunitnamedforSwedishchemistTheodorSvedberg (1884-1971). One Svedberg is 1013 seconds. (see
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