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Visualization of scientific arts and some examples of applications

By N. Fujisawa, K. Brown, Y. Nakayama, J. Hyatt and Tom Corby


In this paper, implementation and visualization of scientific arts are described using some examples of application in subject research areas, such as sculpture, archeology, fine arts and information aesthetics, which have been discussed through the Scientific Art Session at FLUCOME9, Tallahassee, Florida, 2007-9. In the application to sculpture, stereo visualization techniques, such as anaglyph stereo visualization and integral imaging technique, are introduced to realize the three-dimensional geometry of sculpture to enhance visual impact on the art. The second application is the flow visualization technique for archeology, where the vortices behind the river stones are studied to understand the origin of patterns on Jomon pottery. Interestingly, such vortex patterns also appear in the paintings of fine arts. The third example is the visualization of information aesthetics, where the Web information, such as public media and stock market, are visualized through scientific techniques. These example of visualization of scientific arts provide the present state of the art in interdisciplinary visualization

Topics: UOW9
Publisher: IOS Press
OAI identifier: oai:westminsterresearch.wmin.ac.uk:6908
Provided by: WestminsterResearch

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