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Organisation and quality of falsework construction : a socio-economic study of the organisational structure of the construction industry with respect to the falsework production process and the quality of workmanship attained

By Bryan Godfrey Burrows


The research attempted to relate quality of falsework erection to the organisation and\ud competence of personnel involved. The study involved field investigation using a\ud sample of fifty four sites throughout England And Wales where different types of\ud falsework arrangements were being erected by a range of organisations and personnel.\ud By the establishment of a rigorous method of evaluating quality of workmanship of\ud falsework construction this was the first study which enabled quality standards to be\ud compared across different types of falsework arrangements. In addition this study,\ud combined with a sociological analysis, enabled an assessment to be made between\ud organisation, competence and quality, which to the author's knowledge, has not been\ud undertaken prior to this study.\ud Subsequent analyses of the data, used the two models of organisation: the economic and\ud occupational orders. These indicated that all sites essentially adopted the same methods\ud and assumptions.\ud Any attempts to formalise the management of the process of control of falsework,\ud along the lines of the procedures outlined in the Code of Practice for Falsework, were\ud limited in extent and their degree of success.\ud The investigation found that the quality of falsework on building sites was generally\ud of a lower standard than on civil engineering sites. This was found to be attributed to\ud the competence of the manual workforce.\ud This study addresses the organisation structure of the industry at large. Although\ud peculiar, in that it leads to a temporary product, the falsework process may be regarded\ud as a microcosm of the overall construction process. The conclusions presented in this\ud thesis have relevance to the current issues of concern to the industry: competence, skill\ud shortages, training and quality (including safety) and the implementation and efficacy\ud of Quality Assurance schemes

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