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Structural characterization of two benzene-1,2-diamine complexes of zinc chloride: a molecular compound and a co-crystal salt

By Patricia L. Zick and David K. Geiger


The structures of two zinc complexes containing bidentate benzene-1,2-diamine ligands are reported. (Benzene-1,2-diamine-κ2N,N′)dichloroidozinc, [ZnCl2(C6H8N2)], (I), displays a distorted tetrahedral coordination sphere for the metal cation. The diamine ligand and the Zn atom reside on a crystallographic mirror plane. In the 1:1 co-crystal salt trans-diaquabis(4,5-dimethylbenzene-1,2-diamine-κ2N,N′)zinc chloride–4,5-dimethylbenzene-1,2-diamine (1/1), [Zn(C8H12N2)2(H2O)2]Cl2·2C8H12N2, (II), the zinc(II) complex cation exhibits a tetragonally distorted octahedral coordination sphere. The Zn atom sits on a crystallographically imposed inversion center and the diamine ligands are tilted 30.63 (6)° with respect to the ZnN4 plane. Both complexes exhibit extensive hydrogen bonding. In (I), a stacked-sheet extended structure parallel to (101) is observed. In (II), the co-crystallized diamine is hydrogen-bonded to the complex cation via O—H...N and N—H...N linkages. These units are in turn linked into planes along (200) by O—H...Cl and N—H...Cl hydrogen bonds

Topics: crystal structure, benzene-1,2-diamine, zinc chloride, co-crystal salt, Chemistry, QD1-999
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Year: 2016
DOI identifier: 10.1107/S2056989016010033
OAI identifier: oai:doaj.org/article:7981de0f6ea546da9bd945e2db20128c
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