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By 林奎璉, 劉東啟, Kuei-Lien Lin and Tung-Chi Liu


The Tainan Park was built on the Japanese-ruled Period; it represented the values of history and culture. The study botanized the structure and situation of the urban forest in Tainan Park to realize the existence situation and problems of the urban forest. Besides, this study collected and analyzed the historic data to realize the relationship between transference of park space and change of vegetation component as time goes on. \ud This investigation finds that there are some old trees with values of history and culture in Tainan Park. According to the investigation, as time goes on, the park design, the plant preferences and the utilization of the park space is also different. These factors would lead to the vegetation component change. \ud This study also find a common problem that most old trees in the park have been decayed, and it means that the existence of urban forest encounters a great difficulty. Obviously, some plants are lying with seriously situation, but there is no evidence of relation between the locations of the different plants and the decay of trees. It needs to be deeply studied in the future.台南公園是日本統治台灣時所建立的公園,同時也是一座具有歷史人文意義的歷史性都市林。本研究調查其都市林的構成與現況,來了解都市林的生育狀況以及所面臨的課題。另一方面,本研究收集台南公園的歷史資料,藉以了解其空間歷史的變革與都市林構成變化之間的關係。此次調查結果發現台南公園內的確存在具有歷史人文意義的老樹。並經由分析台南公園歷史資料,發現在空間歷史演變之下,都市林構成的的改變記錄著不同時期的設計變遷、種植偏好,以及不同時期對公元空間的使用方式變化等等資訊。此外,經由實地調查發現公園內的老樹普便具有空洞腐朽問題,這代表了都市林生育受到了考驗,且明顯地顯示出部分樹種的生育受到嚴重的考驗,但是本研究無法顯現出樹種、位置與立木空洞腐朽間的關係,這需要更進一步的研究

Topics: 腐朽病害, 樹木調查, 都市林, Tree dacay, Tree botanize, Urban forest
Year: 2014
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