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Effects of Overexpression of the Tomato hsc70-2Gene on the Heat Tolerance of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata L.)

By 陳一男, 曾夢蛟, Yi-Nan Chen and Menq-Jiau Tseng


本研究將分離自番茄的熱休克蛋白基因(hsc70-2),構築到以CaMV 35S為啟動子之hsc70-2基因的轉殖載體,利用農桿菌基因轉移法,將hsc70-2基因轉移至'高峰'甘藍。以PCR及南方墨點分析轉殖植株之結果顯示,hsc70-2基因已插入到甘藍染色體。北方墨點之分析結果示,轉移hsc70-2基因的再生甘藍植株具有高度之hsc70-2基因表現。西方墨點法分析之分析結果顯示,hsc70-2基因轉殖再生植株之hsc70-2蛋白表現量與未轉移之對照組有顯著差異。轉殖hsc70-2基因之甘藍植株可顯著耐高溫處理(42℃,2天),顯示轉殖hsc70-2基因對於甘藍的耐熱性具有提升的效果。In this study, hsc70-2 genes of tomato driven by CaMV 355 promoter in sense orientation were transferred into the cabbage via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The results of PCR and southern blot indicated that hsc70-2 had been transformed into the chromosome of cabbage. High expressions of hsc70-2 mRNA were found in the transgenic cabbage. The results of western analysis confirmed that significant amounts of HSC70 protein in hsc70-2 transformed plants. Heat (42℃, 2 days) resistance was found in the transgenic cabbage plants transformed with hsc70-2 genes but not in the control plants. These results indicated that the overexpression of hsc70-2 gene in cabbage could improve the heat tolerance

Topics: Heat shock protein gene, Agrobacterium-mediated trasformation, 熱休克蛋白基因, 農桿菌基因轉移法
Year: 2014
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