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By 呂文鈴, 王才義, Wen-Ling Lu and Tsai-Yih Wang


本研究採用孤挺花(Hippeastrum hybridum Hort.)‵Apple Blossom ′及‵Red Lion ′二個品種,三年生鱗莖(周徑20-26cm)為試驗材料,鱗莖於採收1天候以5、9、17及25℃乾燥貯藏處理(2週);其結果顯示在不同的貯藏溫度處理中,以高溫對照組處理者較慢開花,且葉片有較長的現象。另外,將鱗莖行三組變溫貯藏處理(A:25℃(2週)、17℃(2週)、9℃(2週)、5℃(2週),B:25℃(2週)、17℃(2週)、5℃(4週),C:25℃(2週)、5℃(6週)及一組恆溫組25℃(8週)為對照組;結果顯示經各組變溫處理者均較恆溫處理者提早開花10-14天。鱗莖種植後期周徑、球重明顯的減少,而‵Apple Blossom ′種植後則有分球的現象。花芽從萌芽出至第一朵花開3-8週的時間而花莖萌出初期生長緩慢,後期則迅速伸長。Three- year Hippeastrum hybridum Hort. 'Apple Blossom' and 'Red Lion' bulbs of 20- to 26-cm circumference were used to study if they stored dry in 5, 9, 17, and 25℃ for 2 weeks after harvesting one day could be improved flowering. The results showed that the higher temperature the later anthesis, also the longer leaf. Besides, bulbs treated in 3 group of varied temperatures (A: 25℃(2 weeks), 17℃(2 weeks), 9℃(2 weeks), 5℃(2 weeks); B: 25℃(2 weeks), 17℃(2 weeks), 5℃(4 weeks); C: 25℃(2 weeks), 5℃(6 weeks)) and one of constant temperature (25℃(8weeks)) for contrast. The rasults showed each group of varied temperatures got earlier anthesis ca. 10-14days. However, bulbs after dry storage treatment lose significantly weight and size, but got several offsets as replanting of 'Apple Blossom' . Bud emergence stage was much slower than of the later stage

Topics: Amaryllis, Bulb storage temperature, Flowering, 孤挺花, 鱗莖貯藏溫度, 開花
Year: 2014
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