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One-loop radiative correction to KaluzaKlein masses in S 2 / Z 2 universal extra-dimensional model

By Japan 558-8585 Osaka Osaka City University NobuhitoDepartment of Mathematics and Physics Maru, Taiwan) Tainan 701 National Cheng-Kung University Takaaki(Department of Physics Nomura and Japan) Saitama 355-8570 Sakura-ku Shimo-Okubo Saitama University Joe(Department of Physics Sato


We investigate a radiative correction to the masses of KaluzaKlein (KK) modes in a universal extra-dimensional model defined on a six-dimensional spacetime with extra space as a two-sphere orbifold . We first define the Feynman rules which are necessary for the calculation. We then calculate the one-loop diagrams which contribute to the radiative corrections to the KK masses, and obtain one-loop corrections to masses for fermions, gauge bosons, and scalar bosons. We estimate the one-loop corrections to KK masses for the first KK modes of standard model particles as a function of momentum cut-off scale, and we determine the lightest KK particle which would be a promising candidate for dark matter

Year: 2014
DOI identifier: 10.1093/ptep/ptu113
OAI identifier:

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