Although the Higgs boson mass and single production rate have been determined more or less precisely, its other properties may deviate significantly from its predictions in the standard model (SM) due to the uncertainty of Higgs data. In this work we study the Higgs pair production at the LHC in the Manohar-Wise model, which extends the SM by one family of color-octet and isospin-doublet scalars. We first scanned over the parameter space of the Manohar-Wise model considering experimental constraints and performed fits in the model to the latest Higgs data by using the ATLAS and CMS data separately. Then we calculated the Higgs pair production rate and investigated the potential of its discovery at the LHC14. We conclude that: (i) Under current constrains including Higgs data after Run I of the LHC, the cross section of Higgs pair production in the Manohar-Wise model can be enhanced up to even 10 3 times prediction in the SM. (ii) Moreover, the sizable enhancement comes from the contributions of the CP-odd color-octet scalar SIA S_I^A . For lighter scalar SIA S_I^A and larger values of |λ I |, the cross section of Higgs pair production can be much larger. (iii) After running again of LHC at 14 TeV, most of the parameter spaces in the Manohar-Wise model can be test. For an integrated luminosity of 100 fb −1 at the LHC14, when the normalized ratio R = 10, the process of Higgs pair production can be detected

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