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A 16-channel reconfigurable OCDMA/DWDM system using continuous phase-shift SSFBGs

By Tian Chun, Zhaowei Zhang, M. Ibsen, P. Petropoulos and D.J. Richardson


We demonstrate a reconfigurable 16-channel optical code-division multiple access (OCDMA)/dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system (4 OCDMA times 4 DWDM times 625 Mb/s) based on novel 31-chip, 40 Gchip/s quaternary phase coding gratings operating at a channel spacing of just 50 GHz. The system performance is studied for cases of both fixed and code-reconfigurable decoders. Error-free performance is achieved in both cases and for all 16 channels

Topics: QC, TK
Year: 2007
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Provided by: e-Prints Soton

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