The geometry of WZW branes


The structures in target space geometry that correspond to conformally invariant boundary conditions in WZW theories are determined both by studying the scattering of closed string states and by investigating the algebra of open string vertex operators. In the limit of large level, we find branes whose world volume is a regular conjugacy class or, in the case of symmetry breaking boundary conditions, a `twined' version thereof. In particular, in this limit one recovers the commutative algebra of functions over the brane world volume, and open strings connecting different branes disappear. At finite level, the branes get smeared out, yet their approximate localization at (twined) conjugacy classes can be detected unambiguously. It is also established that in any rational conformal field theory the structure constants of the algebra of boundary operators coincide with specific entries of fusing matrices

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This paper was published in CERN Document Server.

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