Design and Fabrication of Shock Absorbing Bumper to Reduce Impact during Road Accident


The technology of Hydraulic plays a major role in the field of automation and modern machine industries and space robots. The main aim of this project is to design and develop a control system based intelligent electronically controlled automotive bumper. In today’s world vehicle accident is a major problem. To avoid this we have developed an automatic impact reducing system in this project. Automatic Hydraulic bumper system uses infrared sensor (IR), which isused to sense the vehicle coming is front of our vehicle which is responsible for an accident. When a vehicle is close to obstacle the IR transmitted signal from the vehicle is reflected back from obstacle and received by detector and processed in the control unit. The control unit activates the solenoid valve which moves the bumper forward. During the working of Automatic Hydraulic Bumper system simultaneously the driver also try to stop the vehicle by applying brake pedal which somewhat slows down the vehicle. The compressed oil flowing through the solenoid valve will activate the cylinder which in turn activates the Bumper. This system provides pre-crash safety to the vehicle. As well as it improves the response time of vehicle braking to keep safe distance between the vehicles. By using this system we can obtain control over the speed of vehicle in short distance. The bumper system has been designed to satisfy the reduction of impact load during road accident

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International Research Journal of Automotive Technology (IRJAT)

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