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Women's Physical Education in Great Britain, 1800-1966, with special reference to teacher training

By Ida M. Webb


This thesis records the development of Women's Physical Education in Gt. Britain from 1800 to 1966. Organised physical education for girls dates from 1878 when the School Board of London invited Miss Concordia Lofving to become Inspectress of Physical Exercises in Girls and Infants Schools. Prior to this Callisthenics, dancing, drill and games were recognised forms of physical education in selected schools. The dancing mistress and the drill sergeant were equally responsible for the physical activity given to the girls in the High Schools, while in Public Elementary schools little attention was paid to this section of the curriculum. This thesis will attempt to trace the close link forged between the leading members of the Physical Education teaching profession and the resulting changes in Women's Physical Education from 1800-1966, with a glance towards the future. It has been necessary at certain stages to examine some parts in greater detail in order to stress the overall picture and to show the growth and development of Modern Physical Education. Equally there are sections worthy of a greater depth of study but beyond the limitations of this thesis. The latter has led to an unusually large number of references. [Taken from the thesis Summary and Preface

Publisher: University of Leicester
Year: 1967
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