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Improving the Dielectric Properties of Polymers by Incorporating Nano-particles.

By Chen Zou, John C. Fothergill, Mingli Fu and J. Keith Nelson


This is the author's final draft of the paper published in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Electrical Insulation (INSUCON), Birmingham, 24-26 May 2006. The final version is available from paper presents a brief review of the promise of nanotechnology applied to polymeric insulation materials and discusses the electrical properties found. For a variety of nanocomposites, the dielectric behaviour has shown that the interface between the embedded particles and host matrix holds the key to the understanding of the bulk phenomena being observed. Dielectric spectroscopy verified the motion of carriers through the interaction zones that surround the particles. The obvious improvements in endurance and breakdown strength of nanocomposites may be due to a reduction of charge accumulation. PEA space charge tests confirm this charge dissipation. By examining the onset field of space charge accumulation, it may be possible to determine whether a system is likely to be useful

Publisher: Electrical Insulation Association
Year: 2006
OAI identifier:

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