Effect of deformation ratios on grain alignment and magnetic properties of hot pressing/hot deformation Nd-Fe-B magnets


The magnetic properties, microstructure and orientation degrees of hot pressing magnet and hot deformation Nd-Fe-B magnets with different deformation ratios have been investigated in this paper. The remanence (Br) and maximum magnetic energy product ((BH)max) were enhanced gradually with the deformation ratio increasing from 0% to 70%, whereas the coercivity (HCj) decreased. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of fractured surfaces parallel to the pressure direction during hot deformation show that the grains tend to extend perpendicularly to the c-axes of Nd2Fe14B grains under the pressure, and the aspect ratios of the grains increase with the increase of deformation ratio. Besides, the compression stress induces the long axis of grains to rotate and the angle (θ) between c-axis and pressure direction decreases. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns reveal that orientation degree improves with the increase of deformation ratio, agreeing well with the SEM results. The hot deformation magnet with a deformation ratio of 70% has the best Br and (BH)max, and the magnetic properties are as followed: Br=1.40 T, HCj=10.73 kOe, (BH)max=42.30 MGOe

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