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By [[author]]蔡郁芬 and 蔡郁芬


碩士商業教育學系[[abstract]]在面對顧客嚴重流失,市場競爭激烈的環境下,CRM被認為是企業起死回生或永續經營的重 要管理工具。然而CRM失敗的例子屢見不鮮,不禁令人懷疑企業執行CRM的成效?本研究目 的乃是從顧客的角度,檢視企業採用的CRM是否真能達到獲取顧客忠誠度的預期目標,並進 一步探討影響顧客忠誠度的因素,以瞭解顧客真正的需求。 本研究的目的有四,第一、根據過去相關文獻建構衡量顧客關係管理的指標,包括可靠性 、個別化服務、顧客互動以及確實性四個構面;第二、建構顧客關係管理的管理機會方格 ,探討顧客對於CRM的滿意程度與重要程度,以提供企業具體且完整的策略依據;第三、採 用多元階層迴歸分析探討行銷組合(4P)、顧客關係管理以及人口統計變項對顧客忠誠度的 影響;第四、就執行顧客關係管理而言,瞭解新舊顧客間的差異。 研究結果發現,價格、主動留意顧客的消費狀況、即時有效地回應顧客要求及處理顧客抱 怨是企業努力的目標。在同時考量基本行銷策略與CRM的模型中,行銷組合為影響顧客忠誠 的因素,而CRM並不如預期具有顯著影響,且人口統計變數也並未扮演重要角色。所以就行 動通訊業者而言,顧客真正的需求回歸於產品、通路、推廣以及價格等基本面上,但是 在CRM確實性構面亦是企業在執行CRM上致勝的關鍵。至於新舊顧客間的差異,結果發現新 顧客與舊顧客在關係維持上,就CRM個別化服務構面、產品以及推廣具有相當差異,而研究 亦發現舊顧客雖然較新顧客具有忠誠,但在關係持續五年後,顧客忠誠會有下降的趨勢[[abstract]]Due to the severe market competition and the low customer loyalty, CRM has become one of the most important managerial tools for last many years. However, the high failure rate of CRM has also become the concern of managers. The CRM experts revealed that not to understanding the customers’ needs caused CRM failed. The purpose of this study is interested at how CRM affects customer loyalty from customers’ point of view. The other factors that determine customer loyalty will also be discussed in this study. Four objectives will be reached in this study. First, the CRM index will be constructed by prior studies. Secondly, the CRM management opportunity grid will be provided in order to understand customers’ satisfaction of CRM and the importance of CRM. Thirdly, using Hierarchical Regression Analysis, this study will analyze the impacts of product, channel, promotion and price, CRM and demographic variables on customer loyalty. Finally, this study will explore the differences between new and old customers while executing CRM. The results of MOG show that business managers should pay more attention to the “price”, “customers’ expenditure pattern”, “prompt response ”, and “customers’ complaints”. Basic marketing portfolio such as product, channel, promotion and price are still the important factors to influence the customer loyalty. The impact of CRM on customer loyalty is not as significant as marketing portfolio while including all these variables simultaneously. The demographic variables do not have significant influence on customer loyalty, too. One interesting finding from comparing the new customers and old customers, this study finds “the 5th years symptom”. That is, customer loyalty will increase as year goes by. But it will drop at the 5th year

Topics: 顧客關係管理;顧客忠誠度;管理機會方格;階層多元迴歸, Customer relationship;Customer loyalty;Hierarchical regression;Management Opportunity, [[classification]]21
Year: 2010
OAI identifier: oai:localhost:987654321/4829
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