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The romance of leadership scale : cross-cultural testing and refinement.

By B. Schyns, J.R. Meindl and M.A. Croon


The Romance of Leadership Scale (RLS) has been used in various studies in different countries and contexts. However, to date, the structure of the scale has been a subject of discussion, making it difficult to compare results over different studies. In this study, using student as well as organization samples from two countries, we want to clarify the factor structure of the RLS. In order to do so, we used a hypothetical factor matrix into which we rotated our data. Although this matrix fits some of the data quite well, the results argue for the use of one core factor. The factor solutions are, however, still ambiguous and we therefore recommend doing more research on a core factor of the Romance of Leadership scale

Topics: Culture, Leadership, Romance of leadership, Organizational, Context.
Publisher: Sage
Year: 2007
DOI identifier: 10.1177/1742715007073063
OAI identifier:

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