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<i>puc</i> is required in neurons for ethanol-induced locomotor stimulation.

By David Kapfhamer (295513), Ian King (377010), Mimi E. Zou (295516), Jana P. Lim (256963), Ulrike Heberlein (26491) and Fred W. Wolf (251155)


<p><b><i>A</i></b>, Quantitative PCR detection of <i>puc</i> expression levels in fly head extracts following 30 min ethanol or air control exposure. **<i>p</i> = 0.0024 <i>t</i> test. <b><i>B</i></b>, Reduced ethanol-induced locomotor stimulation in <i>puc<sup>1</sup>/+</i> flies. <b><i>C</i></b>, Quantification of traces shown in <b><i>B</i></b>. ***<i>p</i><0.0001 <i>t</i> test. Ethanol absorption of <i>puc1/+</i> was unaffected (<i>p</i> = 0.9607 <i>t</i> test). <b><i>D</i></b><b>,</b> Mushroom body morphology of <i>puc<sup>1</sup>/+</i> mutants was normal. Scale bar = 10 µm. <b><i>E,</i></b> Decreased ethanol-induced locomotor stimulation of <i>puc<sup>1</sup>/+</i> mutants rescued by neuron-specific expression of <i>puc</i>. <i>puc<sup>1</sup>/+</i> mutants carrying a <i>UAS-puc</i> transgene were crossed to the <i>elav<sup>C155</sup>-Gal4</i> to restore <i>puc</i> expression levels specifically in neurons. <b><i>F</i></b>, <i>elav<sup>C155</sup>-Gal4</i> did not increase ethanol-induced locomotor stimulation in <i>puc<sup>1</sup>/+</i> mutants.</p

Topics: Genetics, Neuroscience, Mental Health, neurons, ethanol-induced, locomotor
Year: 2013
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0050594.g003
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