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Distribution of FL P-cell axons and their boutons in MVN/PrH after FL lentivirus injections.

By Hitomi Matsuno (701661), Moeko Kudoh (265843), Akiya Watakabe (304124), Tetsuo Yamamori (105711), Ryuichi Shigemoto (90312) and Soichi Nagao (189660)


<p><b>A</b>–<b>D</b>, Tracing of anterogradely-labeled FL axons in four mice. Despite the difference of density of GFP expression among four cases shown in the photographs in the top row, labeled FL P-cell axons were distributed throughout MVN and PrH in all of the four cases. Distributions of the labeled axons in MVN and PrH for each injection are summarized in 4 images that are shown from the rostral to caudal MVN/PrH. <b>A</b>, case (#) 12L; <b>B</b>, #14L; <b>C</b>, #74R; <b>D</b>, #94R. Labeled FL P-cell axons and their boutons are respectively shown by black lines and red circles. <b>E</b>–<b>G</b>, Summary of distribution of FL P-cell axonal boutons at rostral (<b>E)</b>, middle (<b>F)</b>, and caudal (<b>G</b>) MVN. The averaged density of labeled axonal boutons was calculated from cases 12L, 14L, 74R, and 94R. Although the FL P-cell axonal boutons were observed throughout MVN, they were densely present in the medial part of parvocellular MVN/PrH. MVMC, magnocellular MVN; MVPC, parvocellular MVN; PrH, prepositus hypoglossi nucleus; 4V, fourth ventricle. Scale bars, 200 μm (<b>A</b>–<b>D</b>) and 100 μm (<b>E</b>–<b>G</b>).</p

Topics: Cell Biology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Physiology, Biotechnology, Developmental Biology, vestibular nerve axons, FL-MVN, Cerebellar Flocculus Purkinje Cells, FL P-cell axons, synapses, magnocellular MVN, FL P-cell axonal synaptic boutons, EM, FL P-cell axonal boutons, FL-P cell axons, FL-targeted MVN neurons, biotinylated dextran amine, medial vestibular nucleus, FL P-cells, MVN neurons, vestibular nerve, C 57BL mice, Electron Microscopy Studies Adaptations, LM, optokinetic response eye movements, apposed vestibular nerve synaptic boutons, parvocellular, Medial Vestibular Nuclear Neurons Targeted, GFP
Year: 2016
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0164037.g002
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