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Construction management abstracts : cumulative abstracts and indexes of journals in construction management, 1983-2000

By Will Hughes and Association of Researchers in Construction Management


The purpose of this document is to provide a single source of reference for\ud every paper published in the journals directly related to research in\ud Construction Management.\ud It is indexed by author and keyword and contains the titles, authors, abstracts\ud and keywords of every article from the following journals:\ud • Building Research and Information (BRI)\ud • Construction Management and Economics (CME)\ud • Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management (ECAM)\ud • Journal of Construction Procurement (JCP)\ud • Journal of Construction Research (JCR)\ud • Journal of Financial Management in Property and Construction (JFM)\ud • RICS Research Papers (RICS)\ud The index entries give short forms of the bibliographical citations, rather than\ud page numbers, to enable annual updates to the abstracts. Each annual\ud update will carry cumulative indexes, so that only one index needs to be\ud consulted

Topics: 506, 690, 507, 505
Publisher: Association of Researchers in Construction Management
Year: 2001
OAI identifier: oai:centaur.reading.ac.uk:4302

Suggested articles



  1. (1996). 1(1), 89–100 A functional cost approach in the development and use of a project budget cost limit estimator for capital building works
  2. (1995). 1(2), 100–110 A critique of the business performance measures of UK construction companies Ramsay-Dawber, P A Department of Building and Environmental Health, The Nottingham Trent University,
  3. (1995). 1(2), 111–123 Towards an expert system on project procurement Chan, A P C School of Building and Planning,
  4. (1996). 1(3), 23–42 A critique of mechanical and electrical services cost planning: existing methods and published
  5. (1996). 2(1), 1–72 Commercial property leases: a critical review of the Department of the Environment proposals
  6. (1997). 2(1), 5–34 Development and implementation of a system of financial planning and control for a medium-sized building contractor
  7. (1997). 2(1), 59–82 Development of computer-based information systems for local authority property management 1: underlying issues
  8. (1997). 2(2), 59–84 Development of computer-based information systems for local authority property management 2: the application Mark Deakin
  9. (1998). 2(6), 1–36 Economic development and the 1989-95 property cycle in Japan: international and national explanations and interpretations Alireza Dehesh and Cedric Pugh School of Urban and Regional Studies,
  10. (1997). 3(1), 16–27 Risk allocation: an essential tool for construction project management Cheung Sai-On City
  11. (1998). 3(1), 5–26 Strategic building project price forecasting models in use: paradigm shift postponed Chris Fortune1 and John Hinks2 1School of the Built Environment,
  12. (1998). 3(2), 5–26 Property cycles in Hong Kong: causes and impacts
  13. (1998). 3(2), 59–74 Financial management of construction plant: conceptualizing cost prediction
  14. (1997). 3(3), 27–46 Risk and risk management in project related finance Price, A D F1 and Shawa, H H2 1Department of Civil and Building Engineering,
  15. (1999). 3(5), 1–94 Computerized maintenance management systems: a survey of performance requirements
  16. (1999). 4(3), 28–38 Materials suppliers: the builders'
  17. (1999). 4(3), 65–80 Evaluating quality in construction
  18. (2000). 5(1/2), 3–13 Improving early cost advice for mechanical and electrical services by considering functions and client/design team communication L M Swaffield and C L Pasquire Department of Civil and Building Engineering,
  19. (2000). 5(1/2), 41–50 Money illusions and the judgements of professional quanitity surveyors Chris Fortune1 and Jim Birnie2 1School of the Built Environment,
  20. (2000). 5(1/2), 79–84 Making urban renewal pay: the Hong Kong experience David
  21. (2000). 5(1/2), 85–92 Quantifying the cost of plant operators’ productivity
  22. (1999). 5(2), 197–210 Future challenges in construction management: creating a symbiotic learning environment Dennis Lenard Faculty of Design Architecture and Building,
  23. (1999). 5(2), 99–117 Application of analytic hierarchy process to the evaluation of logistics factors and their contribution to improvements in construction materials supply
  24. (2000). 6(1), 4–19 Strategic procurement in the construction industry: mechanisms for public sector clients to encourage improved performance in Australia Russell Kenley,1 Kerry London1 and Jeremy Watson2 1Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning,
  25. (2000). 6(1), 44–55 Work-group communication patterns in design and build project teams: an investigative framework
  26. (2000). 6(2), 121–134 Procurement system evaluation for the construction industry
  27. (2000). 7(3), 278–284 Australian multi-unit residential project construction time performance factors
  28. (2000). 7(4), 330–346 A decision support system specification for out-turn cost and cost escalation in the heavy engineering industry
  29. (2000). 7(4), 389–398 Importance of design consultants' soft skills in design-build projects Florence Yean-Yng Ling, George Ofori and
  30. (1999). A research model of project complexity and goal commitment effects on project outcome Anita M M Liu Department of Real Estate
  31. (1996). Address (submissions and editorial enquires) Professor Akintola Akintoye, Department of Building and Surveying, Glasgow Caledonian University,
  32. (2000). Archmedia Frequency: bi-monthly Web site address: http://www.archmedia.com.ac Last updated: 13
  33. (2000). Automation in Construction
  34. (2000). Business failures in the construction industry David Arditi, Almula Koksal and
  35. co-operation, globalization, international alliancing, joint venture, partnership. Journal of Construction Procurement 1995, 1(1), 38–49 International procurement systems: assessment of required levels of client participation in construction projects
  36. (1999). Construction and Architectural Management 1999, 6(1), 30–37 ICT tools for improving the competitiveness of the LSE industry
  37. Construction and Architectural Management 2000, 7(1), 41–51 Graphically based LP modelling for linear scheduling analysis: the POLO system Rong-Yau Huang
  38. (1994). Construction and Architectural Management 2000, 7(3), 241–250 SPICE: a business process diagnostics tool for construction projects
  39. (2000). Construction Management and Economics
  40. (1996). cost prediction, decision theory, estimating, human judgement Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction
  41. (1996). economic transition, housing, accommodation standards.
  42. (1965). Environment (The International Journal of Building Science and its Application)
  43. evaluation, information technology, probabilistic modelling.
  44. (2000). hand held computers, bar coding and multimedia such as simulation are referred to. Keywords: affordable housing,
  45. (1997). information, market research, property, value mapping. 1997, 2(3), 63–76 Asian real estate markets: boom and oversupply?
  46. (1996). institutional development, construction industry dev’t., Latham JCP:
  47. (2000). Keywords: action research, ethnography, value engineering, value management.
  48. (1998). Keywords: affordable housing, Hong Kong, housing, location, relative estate value, rent.
  49. (1996). Keywords: analytical hierarchy process, consensus, Delphi technique, post-occupancy evaluation, school.
  50. (2000). Keywords: award criteria, procurement, fees, tender manipulation, target cost, tender evaluation. ECAM: Volume 7,
  51. (1996). Keywords: benchmarking, construction time performance, leadership, team management.
  52. (1998). Keywords: bid evaluation, contractor selection, pre-qualification, transaction cost.
  53. (1998). Keywords: business cycle, Hong Kong, property cycle, technology.
  54. (2000). Keywords: capability maturity model, construction operations, process improvement, SPICE, supply chain. 2000, 6(2), 202–219 Assessing potential of on-line transaction for information as resource in the construction process
  55. (2000). Keywords: capability maturity model, process assessment, process capability, process enabler, process
  56. (1998). Keywords: concession, private finance initiative, project management, risk management, uncertainty. JFMPC: Volume 3,
  57. (1999). Keywords: conflict management, project manager, project performance, Saudi Arabia.
  58. (2000). Keywords: construction enterprise, growth paths,
  59. (1996). Keywords: construction manager, designer, information flow, procurement.
  60. (2000). Keywords: construction operations, optimization, queuing, repetitive construction, resource, simulation. ECAM: Volume 7,
  61. (2000). Keywords: construction sector, development, information system, macroeconomics.
  62. (1999). Keywords: corporate real estate, hotel, property assets, real estate, doi
  63. (2000). Keywords: critical success factor, joint venture, project stages, risk management,
  64. Keywords: design firm, ISO 9000, re-work, service quality, time boxing, value. 2000, 7(2), 202–208 Target cost contracts: an analysis of the interplay between fee, target, share and price
  65. (1996). Keywords: discounted cash flow, life cycle analysis, New Zealand, payback analysis.
  66. (1997). Keywords: ethnographic research, positivism, quality management, research methodology.
  67. (1999). Keywords: forecasting, price advice, modelling, quality, research theme.
  68. Keywords: growth accounting, learning by doing, Tornqvist index, total factor productivity. 2000, 7(2), 159–168 Competitive pressures on middle-market contractors in the UK Ian Stumpf The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies,
  69. (1995). Keywords: information technology, participation, usability, user.
  70. Keywords: infrastructure, life cycle analysis, Markov chain model, optimization, rehabilitation, sewer deterioration, transition. 1999, 6(4), 371–379 A survey of CAD and virtual reality within the house building industry
  71. (2000). Keywords: learning by doing, productivity,
  72. (2000). Keywords: performance evaluation, publication, research assessment,
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  77. (1997). public sector, Queensland, strategic alliancing, tender evaluation.
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  79. (2000). Publisher: Arnold Web site address: http://www.arnoldpublishers.co.uk/journals/Journpages/14714175.htm Last updated: 5
  80. RICS Research Papers 2000, 3(9), 1–59 Property market processes and development outcomes in cities and regions
  81. (1999). site conditions, dispute, FIDIC, New Engineering Contract.
  82. (1994). The conclusion flowing from an investigation of the literature together with results of the Walker
  83. (1999). The development of a benchmark model that uses historical data for monitoring the progress of current construction projects Amar P Kaka School of Architecture and Building Engineering,
  84. (1997). The potential for market research, property market analysis and property valuation using geographic information system technology
  85. (1995). This journal is supported by the Conseil International du Batiment (CIB). Address for all enquiries: Journal of Construction Procurement, PO Box 5601, Nottingham, NG1 4BW,
  86. (2000). Web site address: doi
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