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Impact fees and new housing cost: A comparative analysis of the empirical models

By Lyndall Bryant, Annastiina Silvennoinen and Chris Eves


Developers and policy makers are consistently at odds over the debate as to whether impact fees increase house prices. This debate continues despite the extensive body of theoretical and empirical international literature that discusses the passing on to home buyers of impact fees, and the corresponding increase to housing prices. In attempting to quantify this impact, over a dozen empirical studies have been carried out in the US and Canada since the 1980’s. However the methodologies used vary greatly, as do the results. Despite similar infrastructure funding policies in numerous developed countries, no such empirical works exist outside of the US/Canada. \ud \ud The purpose of this research is to analyse the existing econometric models in order to identify, compare and contrast the theoretical bases, methodologies, key assumptions and findings of each. This research will assist in identifying if further model development is required and/or whether any of these models have external validity and are readily transferable outside of the US. The findings conclude that there is very little explicit rationale behind the various model selections and that significant model deficiencies appear still to exist.\u

Topics: 120503 Housing Markets Development Management, Impact fees, housing affordability, infrastructure charges, econometric models
Publisher: China Architecture & Building Press
Year: 2012
OAI identifier:

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