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Elastic lateral buckling of cantilever litesteel beams under transverse loading

By Cyrilus Kurniawan and Mahen Mahendran


The LiteSteel Beam (LSB) is a new hollow flange channel section developed by OneSteel Australian Tube Mills using its patented dual electric resistance welding and automated continuous roll-forming technologies. The LSB has a unique geometry consisting of torsionally rigid rectangular hollow flanges and a relatively slender web. Its flexural strength for intermediate spans is governed by lateral distortional buckling characterised by simultaneous lateral deflection, twist and web distortion. Recent research on LSBs has mainly focussed on their lateral distortional buckling behaviour under uniform moment conditions. However, in practice, LSB flexural members are subjected to non-uniform moment distributions and load height effects as they are often under transverse loads applied above or below their shear centre. These loading conditions are known to have significant effects on the lateral buckling strength of beams. Many steel design codes have adopted equivalent uniform moment distribution and load height factors based on data for conventional hot-rolled, doubly symmetric I-beams subject to lateral torsional buckling. The non-uniform moment distribution and load height effects of transverse loading on cantilever LSBs, and the suitability of the current design modification factors to include such effects are not known. This paper presents a numerical study based on finite element analyses of the elastic lateral buckling strength of cantilever LSBs subject to transverse loading, and the results. The applicability of the design modification factors from various steel design codes was reviewed, and suitable recommendations are presented for cantilever LSBs subject to transverse loading

Topics: cantilever beams, lateral distortional buckling, lateral torsional buckling, litesteel beam, load height, nonuniform moment distribution, transverse loading
Publisher: 'Springer Science and Business Media LLC'
Year: 2011
DOI identifier: 10.1007/s13296-011-4001-z
OAI identifier:

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