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Report : stochastic analysis of road asset data for maintenance cost prediction



Reliable budget/cost estimates for road maintenance and rehabilitation are subjected\ud to uncertainties and variability in road asset condition and characteristics of road\ud users. The CRC CI research project 2003-029-C ‘Maintenance Cost Prediction for\ud Road’ developed a method for assessing variation and reliability in budget/cost\ud estimates for road maintenance and rehabilitation. The method is based on\ud probability-based reliable theory and statistical method. The next stage of the current\ud project is to apply the developed method to predict maintenance/rehabilitation\ud budgets/costs of large networks for strategic investment. The first task is to assess\ud the variability of road data. This report presents initial results of the analysis in\ud assessing the variability of road data. A case study of the analysis for dry non\ud reactive soil is presented to demonstrate the concept in analysing the variability of\ud road data for large road networks. In assessing the variability of road data, large road\ud networks were categorised into categories with common characteristics according to\ud soil and climatic conditions, pavement conditions, pavement types, surface types and\ud annual average daily traffic. The probability distributions, statistical means, and\ud standard deviation values of asset conditions and annual average daily traffic for\ud each type were quantified. The probability distributions and the statistical information\ud obtained in this analysis will be used to asset the variation and reliability in\ud budget/cost estimates in later stage.\ud Generally, we usually used mean values of asset data of each category as input\ud values for investment analysis. The variability of asset data in each category is not\ud taken into account. This analysis method demonstrated that it can be used for\ud practical application taking into account the variability of road data in analysing large\ud road networks for maintenance/rehabilitation investment analysis

Topics: CRC for Construction Innovation, Program C : Delivery Management of Built Assets, Project 2003-029-C : Maintenance Cost Prediction for Roads
Publisher: CRC for Construction Innovation
Year: 2005
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