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Raman spectroscopic study of the metatellurate mineral : Xocomecatlite Cu3TeO4(OH)4

By Ray L. Frost and Eloise C. Keeffe


The mineral xocomecatlite is a hydroxy metatellurate mineral with Te6+O4 units. Tellurates may be subdivided according to their formula into three types of tellurate minerals: type (a) (AB)m(TeO4)pZq, type (b) (AB)m(TeO6).xH2O and (c) compound tellurates in which a second anion including the tellurite anion, is involved. The mineral Xocomecatlite is an example of the first type. Raman bands for xocomecatlite at 710, 763 and 796 cm-1 and 600 and 680 cm-1 are attributed to the ν1 (TeO4)2- symmetric and ν3 antisymmetric stretching mode. Raman bands observed at 2867 and 2926 cm-1 are assigned to TeOH stretching vibrations and enable estimation of the hydrogen bond distances of 2.622 Å (2867 cm-1), 2.634 Å (2926 cm-1) involving these OH units. The hydrogen bond distances are very short implying that they are necessary for the stability of the mineral

Topics: 030603 Colloid and Surface Chemistry, 030699 Physical Chemistry not elsewhere classified, 030606 Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy, 030601 Catalysis and Mechanisms of Reactions, tellurate, tellurite, xocomecatlite, kurankhite, tlapallite, Raman spectroscopy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 2009
DOI identifier: 10.1002/jrs.2167
OAI identifier:

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