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Brisbane urban growth model: integrated sustainable urban and infrastructure management in Brisbane

By Benson Au-Yeung, Tan Yigitcanlar and Severine Mayere


Sustainable urban development and the liveability of a city are increasingly important issues in the context of land use planning and infrastructure management. In recent years, the promotion of sustainable urban development in Australia and overseas is facing various physical, socio-economic and environmental challenges. These challenges and problems arise due to lack of capability of local governments in accommodating the needs of the population and economy, (i.e. land supply, employment distribution, open space, infrastructure, and amenities), in a relatively short timeframe. The planning of economic growth and development is often dealt with separately and not included in the conventional land use planning process. There is also a sharp rise in the responsibilities and roles of local government for infrastructure planning and management. The increase of responsibilities means that local elected official and urban planners have less time to prepare background information and make decisions. The Brisbane Urban Growth model has proven initially successful to warrant timely and coordinated delivery of urban infrastructure

Year: 2009
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