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A Bibliography Representing The Interdenominational Theological Center Faculty Publications

By Robert W. Woodruff Library


On February 28, 2006, the Atlanta University Center (AUC) Woodruff Library and the Library Advisory Council hosted an exhibit and reception to celebrate the scholarly publications of Atlanta University Center faculty. As a complement to that event, the AUC Woodruff Library developed the publication, Atlanta University Center Faculty Publications: A Brief Bibliography, which highlights selected scholarly and research contributions of the Atlanta University Center faculty. In 2013, the Library compiled the citations received over the years into individual campus bibliographies. Each campus bibliography illustrates the richness of faculty contributions to scholarship and research. Readers are invited to visit the Atlanta University Woodruff Library\u27s DigitalCommons ( on the Library’s website for future reference and use

Publisher: DigitalCommons@Robert W. Woodruff Library, Atlanta University Center
Year: 2013
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Suggested articles


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