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A comparative analysis of Far Eastern influence on Western women's clothing styles : high fashion and mass fashion, 1910-1925



Graduation date: 1994The purpose of this study was to compare Far Eastern\ud influences on Western women's dress as represented in both\ud a high fashion and mass fashion magazine between 1910 and\ud 1925. Vogue was selected as the high fashion magazine and\ud Ladies Home Journal as the mass fashion magazine. The\ud questions that were addressed were: was there a difference\ud in the influence of the Far East on high fashion styles\ud and mass fashion styles, was there a time lapse between\ud the appearance of fashion styles influenced by the Far\ud East within Vogue and Ladies Home Journal, and was the\ud trickle-down theory applicable when examining Far Eastern\ud influence on high fashion styles and mass fashion styles.\ud The data were collected by conducting a content\ud analysis of both the written and visual material within\ud Vogue and Ladies Home Journal. For each magazine the\ud January, April, July, and October issues were examined,\ud totaling a 128 issues between the years 1910 and 1925.\ud The written examples found within both magazines were\ud placed into three categories; Chinese, Japanese, and Far\ud Eastern/Oriental. Visual examples found were placed into\ud three categories also; Chinese, Japanese, and Combination.\ud An example of Far Eastern influence on written or visual\ud material was based on predetermined guidelines.\ud It was hypothesized that there would be a difference\ud in the frequency of Far Eastern influence seen in high\ud fashion styles as represented in Vogue and mass fashion\ud styles as represented in Ladies Home Journal between 1910\ud and 1925. The sign test was used to compare the two\ud samples Vogue and Ladies Home Journal and test this\ud hypothesis. It was determined that there was not a\ud significant difference found in either the written or\ud visual material therefore this hypothesis was rejected.\ud The second hypothesis was that there would be a\ud difference in the period of introduction of fashion styles\ud influenced by the Far East between Vogue and Ladies Home\ud Journal. There was no apparent difference between the\ud period of introduction of fashion styles influenced by the\ud Far East in Vogue and Ladies Home Journal between 1910 and\ud 1925 when examining total frequencies of both written and\ud visual material. Some differences were evident when\ud examining categorical breakdowns which led to neither the\ud acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis due to the\ud differing results

Year: 1994
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