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Rapid establishment of emergency action areas as a consequence of large scale radioactive material releases from fixed nuclear facilities



Graduation date: 1995Rapid emergency response decisions from a radiation release are necessary in\ud order to prevent the general public from being exposed to a potential radiation hazard.\ud A one meter exposure rate measurement is all that is necessary to establish relocation\ud and food control areas when the ground is contaminated at the Protective Action Guide\ud minimum response levels. With the results of these calculations, a known one meter\ud exposure rate is all that is necessary to establish relocation and food control areas for a\ud release from the WNP-2 commercial nuclear power plant or a release from a waste\ud tank at the Hanford site. The calculated one meter exposure rate for WNP-2 is 1.32\ud μR/hr at twenty-four hours. The calculated one meter exposure rate for the Hanford\ud tanks is 14.97 μR/hr

Year: 1995
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