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High speed analog circuit design using the heterostructure insulated gate field effect transistor



Graduation date: 1998As Si MOS approaches its maximum limits in speed and bandwidth, new\ud devices are desired to meet the needs of high speed communications and signal\ud processing. A device that exhibits superior performance to Si MOS, BJT, and\ud GaAs technology is the HEMT (high electron mobility transistor).\ud The HEMT offers superior transconductance, mobility, speed, and noise performance\ud compared to Si MOS, BJT, and standard GaAs technology. The high\ud performance is a result of improved channel mobility due to a heterojunction. At\ud the heterointerface, the majority carriers are confined to a very thin sheet forming\ud what has been termed a 2DEG (two dimensional electron gas).\ud The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate the suitability of Honeywell's\ud delta-doped self-aligned complimentary HIGFET process for the realization of high\ud speed analog circuits. An operational amplifier and switched-capacitor circuit are\ud presented. The operational amplifier has been fabricated at Honeywell and preliminary\ud tests have been performed on the op-amp which are also presented

Year: 1997
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