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Elliptic behaviour in the sawtooth standard map

By Peter Ashwin


<p>This paper examines the standard map with sawtooth nonlinearity when the eigenvalues of the Jacobian lie on the unit circle. This is an area-preserving map of the torus to itself that is linear except on a line on which it is discontinuous. We discuss the closure of the set of images of the discontinuity and present numerical evidence that its Lebesgue measure is positive. Moreover, we present evidence that the measure of the closure of images of the discontinuity changes continuously with the parameter k. This means that the sawtooth standard map may exhibit coexistence of two positive measure subsets on which the dynamics is respectively regular and irregular in a certain sense. In the appendix we show that this map is equivalent to a map studied by electronics engineers as a model for the quiescent behaviour of a linear lossless digital filter with "two's complement" overflow.</p

Year: 1997
DOI identifier: 10.1016/S0375-9601(97)00455-6
OAI identifier:

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