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Spin Lifetime in InAs Epitaxial Layers Grown on GaAs

By K L Litvinenko, B N Murdin, J Allam, C R Pidgeon, T Zhang, J J Harris, L F Cohen, D A Eustace and D W McComb


<p>We report investigation of the spin relaxation in InAs films grown on GaAs at a temperature range from 77 K to 290 K. InAs is known to have a surface accumulation layer and the depth profile of the concentration and mobility is strongly nonuniform. We have correlated the spin relaxation with a multilayer analysis of the transport properties and find that the surface and the interface with the GaAs substrate both have subpicosecond lifetimes (due to the high carrier concentration), whereas the central semiconducting layer has a lifetime of an order of 10 ps. Even for the thickest film studied (1 mu m), the semiconducting layer only carried 30% of the total current (with 10% through the interface layer and 60% through the surface accumulation layer). Designs for spintronic devices that utilize InAs, which is attractive due to its narrow gap and strong Rashba effect, will need to include strategies for minimizing the effects of the surface.</p

Year: 2006
DOI identifier: 10.1103/PhysRevB.74.075331
OAI identifier:

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