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    Ahed Tamimi's position in some Arab News: Critical discourse analysis of Sara Mills

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    The sexual harassment case against young Palestinian activist Ahmed Tamimi took place in 2018. The research aims to analyze how media language is used to convey information to readers through an emphasis on the actors described in the Arabic news on the harassment of a woman named Ahed Tamimi using Sara Mills' critical discourse analysis theory. This research is descriptive qualitative research, which is a type of library research. The primary data source for this research is the news at the Al Jazeera, Sputnik Arab, and Al Watan voices. This research is also supported by secondary data in the form of books, journal articles, and similar news that support the research. Critical discourse analysis of Sara Mills is used as an analysis technique for the data. Research findings show that Ahed Tamimi is positioned as an object in the news, not as the main subject in news sources. It is because the news of the sexual harassment of Ahed Tamimi was conveyed through information from other actors, namely her lawyer. This lawyer becomes the subject of the storyteller, who explains and describes the news. Thus, this news is not presented directly by the female victim, namely Ahed Tamimi. In addition, this news text provides an overview of the subject and object of the storytelling, thus influencing the way the text is presented to the reader. In addition, this news text reflects gender elements because the event is conveyed and described from the male side or perspective, either from a lawyer or Israeli military spokesperson, not from the perspective of women or Ahed Tamimi as a victim of sexual harassmen

    Exploring Listening Relationship Pattern of Information Approval Process in Science Learning: A Qualitative Investigation Using TBLA (Transcript Based Lesson Analysis)

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    This study deals with revealing listening relationship patterns in the information approval process used as a basis for improving the quality of learning dialogue, especially in science learning. A qualitative method with a case study approach used to analyze listening relationship patterns in science learning during one semester. A total of 3 science teachers, 31 students, 2 academics involved in lesson study for learning communities were selected to capture a mutual listening relationship pattern in receiving information with a natural performance and not tense when observing. Observation, documentation, and clinical interviews used as data collection techniques. Video and audio recorders were involved as documentation tools for this study. Transcript-based lesson analysis (TBLA) was included in conducting data analysis. The results of the listening relationship patterns analysis in classical discussion sessions in cycles 1–3 tend to have semiequal listening relationship patterns. Meanwhile, the listening relationship pattern in group discussion sessions in cycles 1 to 3 tends to be the isolated listening relationship group pattern. The shift in the pattern of listening relationships in group discussion sessions is caused by several factors, including student collaboration awareness, heterogeneous composition of students, tasks and questions that challenge students, and appropriate interruptions of teacher direction. The research results provide a reference for reflection on developing teacher professionalism to improve more effective and meaningful learning

    Sia Perspektif Agency Theory (sertifikat hak cipta)

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    Since agency theory was found in 1970th by accountancy experts in the United States, the reliability of accountancy role as information media for people outside company was questioned. Agency theory explaining risk problem between principals and agents resultingfrom cooperation between principals and agents frequently discusses the role of accounting informationas relating media between both sides. The insight discrepancy between principals and agents and the information difference of agents make agents often report invalid (assimetris) information to earn expected advantages. This moral hazard urges the principals to implement controlling system to watch management behaviors as "amanah"holders

    Diqqatu Tarjamat Nushush al-Akhbaar al-'Arabiyyat Ilaa al-Induuniisiyyat Bistikhdaami Bing Translator

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    Nowadays, sophisticated technology makes it easier for humans to do their work. Like Bing Translator, it is a translation machine that is popular with many people. Makes it easy for humans to translate documents into any language. However, we need to know that the accuracy of machine translation results and human translation results are very different. Therefore, the aims of this research are to analyze the results of accurate, less accurate and inaccurate translations of Arabic news texts on the Arabiya News site using Bing Translator. Data comes from 3 paragraphs of Arabic news text with the themes of health, politics and economics. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. Data collection techniques use reading and note-taking techniques. Meanwhile, the data analysis technique uses the Miles and Huberman model, namely data reduction, data display, and drawing conclusions. Based on 16 data obtained from 4 health news text data, 10 political news text data, and 4 economic news text data, it can be concluded that there are 5 accurate data, 9 less accurate data, and 4 inaccurate data

    The Effect of Role Ambiguity Towards the Performance of Nurses through Organizational Commitment: A Study on Regional General Hospital of dr. Saiful Anwar, Malang, Indonesia

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    This study is aimed to analyze and test (1) role ambiguity towards Organizational Commitment and (2) the effect of role ambiguity towards the performance of nurses in Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital, Malang, Indonesia, mediated with Organizational Commitment. The respondents of this research are all nurses in Emergency Room Installation of Dr.Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang. Eighty (100%) responses displayed on the questionnaires are prepared to measure the variables that were analyzed. In this study, quantitative analysis with structural equation modeling (SEM) based on variant or component that is PLS (Partial Least Square) is used to verify the relationship between the variables. The results of this study are as follows: (1) Role ambiguity has a significant effect on organizational commitment; and (2) Role ambiguity has a significant effect on the performance of nurses

    Construction of political reality in the caricature entitled Qiblatul Maut and Ittabi'uni by Osamahajjaj: A semiotic study of Roman Jakobson

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    In a caricature we can conclude a Message the author wants to convey. The purpose of this study is to reveal what are the constructions of political reality that Osama Hajjaj intends to convey in caricatures " قبلة الموت" and “اتبعوني”. This research uses a type of qualitative research, and the method used is content analysis. A data source consists of a primary data source and a secondary data source. The primary data sources are two caricatures from Osama Hajjaj's Instagram account. While secondary data sources consist of news articles, journals, and books relevant to the study. Data were collected through in-depth observation of caricatures, and then matters relevant to Roman Jakobson's semiotic theory were recorded. Data analysis is carried out in three stages: data reduction, data exposure, and conclusions. The results of the research are (1) the form of political reality construction in the form of political criticism of Joe Biden as well as an attempt to satirize the United States, which is pro with the Israeli government, (2) Osama's caricature entitled " قبلة الموت" and “اتبعوني” meets Roman Jacobson's semiotic analysis content in the form of addresser, addresse, code, contact, context, and message

    Sistem pendukung keputusan penilaian mahasiswa terbaik dengan Metode Simple Additive Weighting Dan Framework Laravel (sertifikat hak cipta)

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    Sistem Pendukung Keputusan (SPK) ini berfungsi untuk melakukan penilaian untuk menentukan mahasiswa terbaik dengan Metode Simple Additive Weighting (SAW). Sistem tersebut berbasis web dengan Bahasa Pemrograman PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, dan Framework Laravel

    English for Biology (sertifikat hak cipta)

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    the Copyrights of English I for Biology is prepared in order to give stand of our intellectual rights so that this book can be protected to provide students with the good practices of English language related to Biology subject. The copyrights of the book is a complete course for Biology Department students with a pre-intermediate level of English

    MAJLIS SHALAWAT DALAM PERSPEKTIF SENI SAYYED HUSSEN NASR (Studi Kasus Majlis Shalawat Al-Hasanain Genggong Probolinggo)

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    continuing to develop, not only being in mosques and calligraphy but also having begun to integrate Majlis Shalawat with art. The purpose of this writing is to reveal how the concepts of beauty and art contained in the Al-Hasanain Genggong prayer assembly use the concept of Hossein Nasr in the spiritual values of society. This research method is a qualitative case study method, the approach used is historical-critical-philosophical and descriptive-analytical analysis. The results of this study are 1) The beauty of Hossein Nasr's Islamic art is an art that originates from the Qur'an and Hadith, art that is based on the inner reality of “Al-Haqaiq” the Teachings of the Qur'an, and reflects the Substance of the Nabawi which is then called "Al-Barakatu Al Muhammadiyah", 2) Majlis Shalawat Al-Hasanain has amazing beauty so you can understand that art is not only art that has beauty but also leads to increasing human religious values, 3) Majlis Shalawat Al-Hasanain uses the concept of beauty and Islamic art as being proposed by Hossein Nasr through simtuddurar readings which are Haqaiq AlQur'an and Barakatu Al-Muhammadiyah, an art that leads to increasing the Spirituality of the connoisseurs

    Nilai – Nilai Solidaritas Sosial dalam Kelompok Bantengan Adi Putra Nuswantara

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    Indonesia is a country that rich in diversity of customs, tribes, races and traditions. Talking about traditions in Indonesia, each region has a cultural heritage that has been passed down from their ancestors to the present. One tradition that is still maintained in East Java is the Bantengan art tradition of the Adi Putra Nuswantara group. This research aims to find out the values of social solidarity in the Adi Putra Nuswantara that built through social interaction within group. The group that still existed from its firstly organized until now will be important to be studied. The result of this study will be important for studying some ways in conserving any cultural heritage. The theory used in this research is Emile Durkheim’s theory of social solidarity. The method applied in this research is a qualitative descriptive research method. The research result stated that the solidarity values of the Adi Putra Nuswantara group were formed because of the values of togetherness, kinship, deliberation, mutual assistance and harmony. With the values that exist in each member of the group, mutual solidarity is realized between the group of Adi Putra Nuswantara. These values became important in maintaining the existence of the group and as an effort to conserve cultural heritage


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