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    Providing a Pattern and Planning Method for Footpaths and Sidewalks to Protect Deteriorated and Vulnerable Urban Contexts

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    This research seeks to answer this question to prevent the waste of capital in routes without potential and allocate facilities and facilities to routes with potential to encourage people to move on foot on short trips. Through what criteria and indicators can the existing potential of the roads be measured, and as a result, by finding the optimal routes for pedestrian traffic, one of the most important problems of the public's lack of acceptance of non-motorized transportation can be solved. At first, by using the descriptive-analytical research method, through library studies, the existing literature in this field and also the experiences of other countries of the world and Iran have been investigated. In this way, the theoretical framework of the research has been formed and effective criteria and indicators have been extracted in measuring the potential of roads for pedestrian movement. In this way, four criteria of land use, traffic safety, security, attractiveness, and comfort have been defined. The extracted criteria and sub-criteria are valued through the process of hierarchical analysis and the Delphi method. In the next step, by using the case-based research method, the data related to the sub-criteria at the level of the roads in the study area are collected through observation and interview entered into the geographic information system, and finally analyzed by the geographic information system and in some cases, The layout of the space (to measure the network continuity) is done and the routes with potential for pedestrian movement are extracted. Finally, from the summation of the weighted values obtained for each of the roads regarding land use criteria, traffic safety, security attractiveness, and comfort, the final score of each of the roads in the study area (intended statistical population) about the potential Passages are obtained to create suitable routes for pedestrian traffic

    Evaluation and Optimization of Building Greening Methods in Four Different Climates Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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    BIM, which stands for Building Information Modeling, is a methodology that allows architects to digitally simulate their design and manage all the information related to an architectural project. BIM systems include the fourth dimension (time dimension) and the fifth dimension (cost dimension). On the other hand, sustainable development is a complex concept that includes different aspects. In sustainability, the three economic, environmental, and social aspects are fully interacting with each other, and most researchers examine sustainability in these three main aspects (Triple Bottom Line) of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Therefore, in this research, we have examined four objectives, which first evaluate the impact of building orientation on reducing energy consumption by using building information modeling (BIM) and determine the most optimal direction. Then we examine the effect of the placement of skylights and openings on reducing energy consumption by using building information modeling (BIM). Finally, we examine the effect of using green facades and building smartness on the energy consumption of the building. Finally, by comparing the results obtained from the Design-Builder software, the most optimal modes are determined

    (*Review Article) Research on Privatization Reform of China's Loss-making Public Utilities

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    In this paper, an exposition of the background of China's privatization reform in public utilities, along with an analysis of the reform's content and effectiveness, is presented and organized based on relevant public administration theory and practice. Secondly, a thorough examination of the factors constituting the primary obstacle in China's privatization reform of public utilities is undertaken. Addressing issues arising from private companies pursuing profit while public utility entities seek to avoid losses, it is argued that the incomplete reform of government functions, the constraints of traditional ideology, and the lack of supervision in the privatization of public utilities contribute to these challenges. Finally, recommendations for loss-making public utilities in the privatization reform are put forth. These involve further reforms in the utilities' business model, the establishment of new operational and service paradigms, and the enhancement of government support,regulatory measures,and coordination during the reform process. These measures aim to address the existing challenges in China's loss-making public utilities during the privatization reform

    “Teacher-Student-University”: A Three-Party Game in China Higher Education

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    Teaching process monitoring and effectiveness evaluation is the core part of higher education management, which is the most important guarantee to maintain the normal teaching order and effectiveness of higher education institutions and ensure students' rights and interests. According to the three-party game model of "Teacher-Student-University", the willingness of teachers to enforce the teaching regulations and the motivation of collusion with students are influenced by the cost of supervision and punishment of the university. The university can invest more in institutional costs, human capital etc., and strengthen the penalties, to enhance the motivation of teachers and students to take the teaching regulations seriously and improve the effectiveness of teaching

    (*Review Article) The Impact of Digital Transformation on Enterprise Accounting

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    Digital transformation represents a significant trend within the accounting domain, exerting a profound influence on conventional accounting processes, financial reporting, and decision-support capabilities. Primarily, it has revolutionized the accounting process by integrating sophisticated digital technologies and tools, enabling real-time data collection and processing, and thereby enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of accounting tasks. Secondly, digital transformation has played a pivotal role in expediting and refining the production and dissemination of financial reports, rendering financial statements faster and more precise, while also bolstering the disclosure and transparency of financial information. Furthermore, it has elevated the capacity of accounting decision support by furnishing management with profound business insights and decision-making aid through data analysis and visualization tools.Notwithstanding its merits, digital transformation faces certain implementation challenges in the accounting realm. Technical barriers, data integration, organizational structure, and cultural factors necessitate careful consideration and resolution. Additionally, digital transformation introduces data quality and security risks, compelling enterprises to ensure data accuracy, security, and compliance with pertinent laws and regulations.In order to adapt to the transformative influence of digitalization, accounting personnel must continuously acquire and update skills, cultivating proficiency in data analysis, data science, and digital tools. Concurrently, enterprises must prioritize the establishment of a conducive organizational culture and change management practices to ensure the successful implementation and effective operation of digital transformation. While digital transformation opens up numerous opportunities in the accounting sector, it must surmount challenges to achieve sustainable development and advancement within the field

    (*Review Article) The Integrated Application of Communicative Approach and Situational Teaching Method in Business English Teaching

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    With the prevailing trend of economic globalization, Business English has become an important language tool for people to pursue international business activities. Business English is a branch of English for specific purpose, which is different from general English on teaching method. As a result, the exploration of suitable teaching methods is of great importance. The thesis makes a comprehensive summary about the distinction and the inner connections of Communicative Approach and Situational Teaching Method, analyzes the merits and demerits of them in teaching by reading the books and literature research on the subject, and comparing the collected materials. The Communicative Approach and the Situational Teaching Method can meet the requirements of Business English to the most degree. The Communicative Approach can inspire the positivity and initiative of the students, improve the practicality and purpose of language, and develop their innovating sense. As for the Situational Teaching Method, it is a good method to change the boring atmosphere of the class into a wonderful language environment. This thesis explores the integrated application of Communicative Approach and Situational Teaching Method in Business English teaching by taking the advantages of them to strengthen the enjoyment and interactivity, so then enhance the effect and quality of English teaching. The analysis and exploration of the application of Communicative Approach and Situational Teaching Method in Business English teaching provides certain reference significance in improving the Business English teaching mode, and even the whole English teaching system

    An Empirical Study on English Learning Beliefs for Art Students in Higher Vocational College

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    English teaching methodology is the external factor of learning rather than internal factor that can play a decisive role in learning to a large extent. Many researchers have gradually switched their attention to probing into various factors that affect English achievements from the perspective of students, which is called individual differences research and have become one of the research priorities. What beliefs learners hold will have direct influence on the choice of English learning strategies as well as the ultimate effect of learning. For this reason, vocational English teachers should strive to help students establish positive and beneficial English learning beliefs and get rid of the negative and detrimental English learning beliefs, with a view to helping them to improve their English proficiency

    Effects of Digital Marketing in Nurturing the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study of Upscale Hotels in Hawassa City, Ethiopia

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    This research study was conducted to explore the effect of digital marketing in nurturing the hospitality industry using digital marketing platforms to promote the hospitality business in Hawassa City, Ethiopia. The study was conducted on 2 up to 4 stars rated hotels and resorts registered and licensed by the Tourism and regulatory authority of Ethiopia. The study's sample population was 150 respondents from the aggregate population of 241 at 13 upscale hotels and resorts in Hawasa city. The stratified simple random sampling technique was employed. The correlation and regression analyses were used to find the association between digital marketing and the performance of upscale hotels. The study included digital marketing, attracting customer, engaging, retaining, learning, and related customer strategies. The study concluded that the correlation between digital marketing practice and hotel performance was positive and significant. The related back customer strategy negatively affected the performances of star hotels

    Effects of Study-Abroad Experiences on the Second Language and Cultural Awareness of Chinese EFL Learners

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      This article explores how social interactions and culture affect Chinese EFL learners during study abroad (SA).The participants, native Chinese speakers learning English as a foreign language spent varying durations in English-speaking countries. A comparative analysis was conducted, differentiating between participants engaged in a two-semester SA and those in a two-academic-year SA, revealing nuanced variations in the findings. Surprisingly, these variations were more strongly associated with Willingness to Communicate (WTC) than the duration of the SA. Furthermore, examining the duration since participants’ return to China hinted individual differences in the perceived effects of their SA and subsequent acculturation. Notably, individuals who spent more time back in their home country after SA tended to develop a stronger sense of identification with their native culture. Intriguingly, these individuals also exhibited a heightened sensitivity to cultural shocks during their SA. The study also explored the correlation between cultural adaptability, strength of ethnic consciousness, and learners’ English proficiency, positing that this dynamic is unstable. The cultural and linguistic effects revealed by these findings provide valuable insights for learners contemplating studying abroad. Additionally, they bear significant pedagogical implications for EFL classroom teaching, both domestically and internationally.

    Development of Practical Photoelectric Effect Based on Arduino Uno: Instrument Validation Analysis

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    Modern Physics Practicum is a supporting course for Modern Physics (theory). The limitations of the practicum unit are the focus of the problem in this research. This research was conducted to develop a Photoelectric Effect practicum device based on Arduino Uno. This research is a descriptive study that aims to describe the validity of the Arduino Uno-based photoelectric effect practicum device. The research instrument is a validation sheet for practical equipment. The validation results show that the Arduino Uno-based Photoelectric Effect practicum unit developed is in the valid category and suitable for use. However, there are several revisions which are suggestions and constructive comments from validators. The part that requires revision is the aspect of ease and safety in using the tool (Photoelectric Effects practicum unit) and considering designing the toolbox (acrylic) in a dark color. Recommendations for further research could examine the sensitivity of the Arduino Uno-based Photoelectric Effect practical unit at blue wavelengths, to obtain Planck constant measurement results that are more accurate or close to the theoretical valu


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