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    Morphemic Reduplications in Geguritan

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    The research aims at investigating morphemic reduplication in terms of its kinds and meanings in Javanese poetry, widely known as geguritan. This descriptive qualitative study obtained the data from an anthology of geguritans entitled Cathetan Kanggo Lintang by Irul S. Budianto. An interpretative method was conducted after the data were noted, listed, verified, and classified based on the kinds of meanings of reduplication as proposed by Wijana. The research findings show that the kinds of reduplication found in the geguritans can be classified into four: full reduplication, reduplication with sound modification, partial initial syllabic reduplication, and reduplication combined with affixation. In addition, only nine out of 12 categories of the meanings of reduplication were found in the data. The absence of the three categories is due to the difference between the language style used in geguritan and the language used in daily conversation

    Language Choice in Intermarriages Indonesian and Japanese: Indonesian Wife's Life Story Study on Language Inheritance in Japan

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    This study aims to determine the language choice of intermarriage families of Indonesian women and Japanese men in Japan, the factors that determine the language choice, and the implications of language choice. The informants of this study are 8 Indonesian wives who married Japanese men living in Japan. The analysis results show that the primary language used at home is that Japanese wives have a dominant role in determining the language choice in the family. The informants’ mother tongue was deficient and used only in certain situations, namely when angry and joking. This causes children to have difficulty communicating with Indonesian families. Several factors determining the language choice in intermarriage families include residence, wife and husband's language skills, enthusiasm and effort to convey the Indonesian wife's mother tongue to children, Japanese family support, knowledge of language education for children, attitude towards language, psychological situation, and child development. Indonesian wives need knowledge of bilingual education so that children can communicate in Indonesian and Japanese. Therefore, in intermarriages, primary marriages of Indonesian wives and Japanese husbands in Japan, where the environment, facilities, and opportunities to learn Indonesian are limited, it is necessary to plan and discuss with partners how to use the language at home, language education for children, and extra effort if Indonesian wives want the children to have bilingual abilities or to be able to communicate in both the Indonesian and Japanese

    The Meaning of Register in Yoga from a Sociolinguistic Perspective

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    This study describes the form and meaning of registers in yoga in Kediri and explores the influence on yoga practitioners (yogis). The data sources for this research consisted of informants, including Acarya (instructors) and Yogis, while the data was in the form of lexicons uttered by Yogis and Acarya. Data were collected by observing techniques with advanced techniques; listening, engaging, and talking. The data analysis technique uses the theory of register forms resulting from a combination adapted to the register forms in yoga. This study found that there were 53 registers in yoga exercises consisting of two forms, namely, single and complex. There are 29 singular forms and 24 complex forms. The yoga register also strongly influences Yogis (doers), including spirituality, attitudes, and  relationships with others. Also, it overcomes health problems faced daily which focus on meditation activities. Meanwhile, the meaning of register in the choice of speech style is intended by Acharya to inspire enthusiasm and freshness in communicating; besides that, it also marks a communication function that has the uniqueness of being a registered marker that has a specific meaning based on context

    The Image of Woman in The Novel Wa Nasitu Anni Imro’ah By Ihsan Abdul Quddus and Novel Kartini By Abidah El Khaileqy (Comparative Literature Study)

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    This study aims to describe the comparison of the image of women in the novel Wa Nasitu Anni Imro'ah by Ihsan Abdul Quddus and the Novel Kartini by Abidah El Khaileqy (Comparative Literature Study). This type of research was qualitative with descriptive method. Qualitative research is research that intends to understand the phenomenon of what is experienced by research subjects such as actors, perceptions, motivations, and actions holistically and by way of description in the form of words and language, in a special natural context. The results of this study present some of the data obtained as research evidence, namely, the female image of the novel Wa Nasitu Anni Imro'ah by Ihsan Abdul Quddus and the Novel Kartini by Abidah El Khaileqy contained in this novel, namely: 1) personal image of women 2) image of women in the family, and 3) the image of women in society. The two novels show that women are capable and can become a highly educated person, have a career and get the same rights as men, without having to be limited by customary rules

    Swear Words Types Utilization in Traumazine Album Song Lyrics by Megan Thee Stallion

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    The study of word meaning is formulated in semantics. Language as a medium of communication constructs meaning and structure. Communication can be done through many mediums and one of them is song lyrics. Song has its own uniqueness in choosing words, suit to the genre. In the modern era, the young generation tempts to consume a lot more media and is impacted by them then utilize it as a normal in daily communication. Therefore, this research made to analyze the utilization of swear words in rap song lyrics by classifying the types using the theory of Chirico 2014. This research uses the qualitative descriptive method. The data is collected from the eighteen song lyrics in the Traumazine album by Megan Thee Stallion. Data is analyzed with the theory of swear words by Chirico 2014, furthermore defines the meaning using the Cambridge dictionary as a primary and the Urban dictionary as the secondary dictionary. As a result, all four types of swear words which are cursing, profanity, vulgarity, and obscenity exist in the album. There is a new phenomenon as well, where the researcher found that the repetition of swear words is commonly used in rap songs. Moreover, bitch used to represent a female and nigga to represent a male repeatedly found among the 18 songs

    Directive Speech Acts in Humorous ‘Mop’ Discourse in Papuan Society: A Pragmatic Studies

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    This study examines the analysis of the form and function of directive speech acts in the discourse of ‘Mop’ humor in Papuan society. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The collection technique in this study used linguistic data collection instruments, namely listening techniques, note-taking techniques, and proficient free-involvement techniques. Data analysis in this study consisted of four stages, namely: (1) data collection, (2) data reduction, (3) data presentation, and (4) conclusions and verification. The results of this study indicate that in the discourse of 'Mop' humor in Papuan society there are eight forms and seventeen functions of directive speech acts, namely: (1) Asking has the function of asking, (2) Commanding has the function of commanding, commanding, demanding, instructing, and directing, (3) Ordering has the function of asking and inviting, (4) Recommending has the function of advising, (5) Advising has the function of advising, suggesting, and warning, (6) Permissives has the function of allowing, (7) Prohibitives has the function of prohibiting and limiting, and (8) Requesting has the function of asking and inviting. The most dominant directive speech act used in the discourse of ‘Mop’ humor in Papuan society is the form and function of asking. The existence of a question element in ‘Mop’ implies that communication between speakers and speech partners requires answers to unknown information

    “Jangan Di-Read!”: Indonesian Affixation to English Words on Social Media

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    Code mixing has been widely studied, but the study of it focusing on Indonesian affixation to English words is still scant. Therefore, this study aims at investigating the types of affixes, the change in English word classes, and the morphophonemic processes that occurred on social media, specifically on Instagram. Simak method was employed to collect 90 Indonesian affixed-English words from 3 Instagram users’ photo captions as the data. Furthermore, Kridalaksana (2007) and Ramlan’s (2001) theories of affixation were employed to analyze the data. The findings demonstrate that the most frequently used affix is a prefix, with di- recorded as the highest number. As for the lexical function formed after the process of affixation, this study reveals three forms, namely (a) verb-forming, (b) adjectival-forming, and (c) noun-forming with verb-forming is the most frequently used. Finally, in terms of its morphophonemic processes, it is more common that the base form of the English words is maintained rather than considering the phonological rules as regulated in the Indonesian language. These preliminary findings suggest that such affixation does not consider EYD V due to the informal setting the social media mostly constructs

    The Social Criticisms of Rah(i)m Poetry by Kedung Darma Romansha

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    An expressing media with literature work could indirectly convey various social criticisms toward a certain phenomenon. The most frequently occurring social criticism is the social reality portrayal of a community. This study aims to describe the form of social criticism contained in the poetry entitled Rahi(i)m by Kedung Darma Romansha. Using qualitative methods and a literary sociology approach, especially social criticism, this study reveals the author's worldview of phenomena that occur in society. The study results show that the author of poetry criticises social situations, namely: the author's criticism of poverty, crime, family disharmony, juvenile delinquency, violation of norms, and environmental problems. Social criticism also reveals the author's disappointment, annoyance, anger, and regret towards the arrogant and unfair performance of government officials in responding to socio-cultural problems that occur in society

    Pragmatic Equivalence of Expressive Speech Act in Television Series Bridgerton

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    This article aims to identify pragmatic equivalence in the translation of expressive speech acts. Descriptive and comparative methods were used in this study to analyze the data. Data collection is done by analyzing documents with the technique of observing and note-taking. The data is in the form of utterances containing expressive speech acts on the subtitles of the Bridgerton TV series in English and Indonesian. The data is obtained through accessing the Netflix platform with a personal account. Found 123 data of expressive speech acts on the Bridgerton TV series subtitle with the functions of criticizing, praising, sarcastic, complaining, apologizing, condolences and thanks. The result of the research shows that there are two types of pragmatic equivalence that the Bridgerton TV series subtitle translator has successfully achieved in translating expressive speech acts. The equivalences are the equivalence of expressive illocutionary force and the equivalence of the distance of relevance. Thus, the translator has been able to convey messages from the source text to the target text commensurately

    Application of Word Square and Scramble Sentence Learning Model to Improve English Vocabulary for Elementary School Students

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    This study aims to examine the effectiveness of the application of the word square and scramble sentence learning models as an effort to increase English vocabulary for elementary school students. The method used is a qualitative method with a descriptive analysis approach. Data collection techniques using observation and interview methods. The subjects in this study were class IV students at SDN Sindangreret, totaling 17 people. The data analysis technique uses the Miles & Huberman interactive model. The results of this study discuss 1) student' perspectives on learning English; 2) the stages of learning with the word square and scramble sentence models; and 3) student learning outcomes. The conclusions in this study are 1) the application of the word square and scamble sentence learning models can help students to find and know new vocabulary in English and can improve students' ability to compose vocabulary correctly; 2) the application of the word square and scramble sentence learning models is effective for use in learning activities in elementary schools


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