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    Descriptive Analysis and ANOVA Test with File Sending on Computer Networks Attacked with Rogue's Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

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    The requirement for a computer that is physically connected to a computer network to be able to access existing resources on a computer network in the form of an IP address obtained statically or dynamically. On a static IP address, there are not many problems that arise because it is loaded directly into the computer, while for a dynamic IP address, security problems arise in the form of a dynamic IP address sharing server in the form of DHCP Rogue. The configuration that is added to the first router when the network is hit by a DHCP rogue attack is to configure the main router, in this case, the first router, and the switch used as a connecting device between computers. configuration on both switches is done by snooping trust which is useful for securing IP addresses to avoid IP attackers. This research was conducted to find out if a computer network with a dynamic IP address was attacked by sending files between computers. Files with the longest sending time indicate an attack on the computer network. The method used in this study is the ANOVA test with descriptive-based analysis. Based on the results of the analysis, it is known that the average file transfer time on networks affected by DHCP Rogue is higher than the average file transfer time on normal and mitigated networks, and the significant value of the ANOVA test results has a value of 0.004. In general, it can be concluded that there are differences in data transfer when the network is normal, the network is subject to DHCP Rogue, and the network has been mitigated with DHCP Rogue

    Adaptation of The Career Decision Ambiguity Tolerance Scale

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to various changes that increased a possibility for university students to experience career ambiguity. Those with a high tolerance for career ambiguity perceive ambiguous situations as advantageous and do not reject the complexity of the discrepancy. This study aimed to yield the Indonesian version of the Career Decision Ambiguity Tolerance Scale and examine the construct validity and concurrent validity of the adapted version. This study involved 1256 first-year students (58.7% female, mean age = 18.23 years, SD age = .66) from a public university in Central Java, Indonesia. Data were collected using measures of ambiguity tolerance in choosing a career, career decision-making self-efficacy, and vocational identity. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was used to examine the structure of the factor of the final scale, showing good fit indices (CMIN/df = 2.93, CFI = .97, TLI = .96, RMSEA = .04). Reliability coefficients of each the three subscales were satisfactory. Concurrent validity was shown by expected associations with measures of career decision-making self-efficacy and vocational identity

    Relationship between Appropriate Antibiotics Used based on 2019 ATS/IDSA Guideline and Clinical Improvement in Inpatient Community Pneumonia Patients

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    Community pneumonia is a serious infection obtained from the community environment, and one of the causes is bacteria. This infection causes lung inflammation and leads to death if not treated properly. The appropriate of empirical antibiotics can increase the success of therapy and prevent the emergence of bacterial resistance to various kinds of antibiotics. This study aims to assess the appropriateness of empiric antibiotic selection in community pneumonia using the 2019 ATS/IDSA antibiotic guideline and analyze its relationship with the patient's clinical response. This study is a retrospective cohort design type. Medical record data obtained, namely antibiotics and clinical response, were analyzed using the Mann-Whitney statistical test. There were differences in the average clinical improvement, including body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate, in the group of community pneumonia patients who used empiric antibiotics according to the guideline and those who did not follow the guidelines 2019 (P<0.05). According to the result, empiric antibiotics based on the 2019 ATS/IDSA guideline can increase therapy outcomes in inpatient community pneumonia patients

    Gratitude Feelings of Involuntary Childless Couples

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    Kebersyukuran pada Pasangan Involuntary ChildlessCouples who want children but cannot have them without intending to do so are said to be involuntarily childless. For the couple, it is not simple. Without a child, a husband and wife who are already married but are experiencing issues or emotions that force them to be childless can understand what gratitude means. Gratitude is one way that involuntarily childless couples can continue to support one another and remain hopeful about having children. This study aims to explore the meaning of gratitude in involuntary childless couples. This study employs a qualitative methodology and phenomenology. Semi-structured interviews, or interviews where the researcher has prepared the questions in advance using the idea of gratitude, are the data collection method. Three married couples with average marriage ages of 13 years, 12 years, and seven years, participated in this study. The study's findings demonstrate that Involuntarily childless couples are grateful for the help they receive from others and feel fortunate to have such support. Additionally, a childless couple always views their actions positively to feel grateful for Allah's blessings

    Social Media Sentiment Analysis Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU)

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    The advancing technologies are aimed to maximize human performance. One of the great developments in technology is social media. The social media used in this study is Twitter because most people in Indonesia give their opinions to the public through tweets. The opinions given are very diverse, where they write positive, negative, and neutral opinions. The purpose of this study is to analyze the sentiments of the opinions given by the public in Bahasa Indonesia. To conduct sentiment analysis, tweets are collected by crawling the data. Tweets are then labeled positive, negative, and neutral and then represented as 1, -1, and 0. The method used to classify tweet sentiment is the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Gated Recurrent Unit method (GRU). Research stages including feature selection, feature expansion, preprocessing and balancing with SMOTE. The highest accuracy value obtained on the CNN-GRU model with an accuracy value of 97.58% value. Based on these tests, it can be concluded that sentiment analysis research on Twitter social media using the Convolutional Neural Network and Gated Recurrent Unit methods can produce fairly high accuracy, and feature expansion testing of the deep learning model can provide a significant increase in accuracy values

    The Role of Cognitive Reappraisal and Expressive Suppression toward Self-adjustment among Adolescence

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    Self-adjustment is highly important in human life. It refers to the ability to adapt to social behavior and environment. Factors influencing an individual's ability to self-adjust include emotional regulation in the context of interaction, as self-adjustment is closely intertwined with it. The aim of this study is to examine the influence of cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression on students' self-adjustment. The research sample consists of 104 tenth-grade high school students selected through a simple random sampling technique. Multiple linear regression analysis is employed in this study. The research findings reveal that the dimensions of cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression have a significant influence on students' self-adjustment, accounting for 25.9%, while other factors account for the remaining 74.1%.Keywords: self-adjustment; emotional regulation; high school student


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    Di abad ke 21, siswa dituntut untuk menguasai ketiga kecakapan yaitu kualitas karakter, kompetensi dan literasi. Agar kecakapan tersebut dapat tercapai, diperlukan kemampuan berpikir dan bernalar. Salah satu literasi yang erat kaitannya dengan kemampuan berpikir dan bernalar adalah literasi numerasi. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan judul: “Kemampuan Siswa SD Kelas V dalam menyelesaikan soal literasi numerasi”. Penelitian ini dilakukan di SD Al Irsyad, Kecamatan Tarakan Barat, Kota Tarakan. Tujuannya adalah untuk mendeskripsikan kemampuan siswa dalam menyelesaikan soal literasi numerasi. Penelitian ini termasuk penelitian kualitatif deskriptif, dan dilaksanakan mulai dari bulan Maret 2023 sampai Mei 2023 di SD Al Irsyad, Kecamatan Tarakan Barat, Kota Tarakan. Subyek penelitian adalah siswa kelas V sebanyak 15 siswa. Data dikumpulkan melalui tes kemampuan literasi numerasi dan wawancara. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan  siswa berada pada kategori kurang sekali dan  berada pada kategori kurang, sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa secara umum kemampuan siswa dalam menyelesaikan soal literasi numerasi masih rendah

    Experimenting with the Hyperparameter of Six Models for Glaucoma Classification

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    Glaucoma, being one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, often presents without noticeable symptoms, making early detection crucial for effective treatment. Numerous studies have been conducted to develop glaucoma detection systems. In this particular study, a glaucoma detection system using the CNN method was developed. The models employed in this study include AlexNet, Custom Layer, MobileNetV2, EfficientNetV1, InceptionV3, and VGG19. For training, an augmented RIM-ONE DL dataset was utilized. Hyperparameter experiments were conducted to determine the most optimal parameters for each model, specifically testing batch size, learning rate, and optimizer. The hyperparameter optimization process yielded the optimal parameters for each model. However, it is important to note that the MobileNetV2, InceptionV1, and VGG19 models exhibited signs of overfitting in the training graph results. Among the models, the custom layer model achieved the highest accuracy of 93%, while InceptionV3 attained the lowest accuracy at 83.5%. Testing of the models was performed using data from Cicendo Eye Hospital and the RIM-ONE DL testing dataset. Based on the testing results, it was found that InceptionV3 outperformed the other models in predicting images accurately. Therefore, the study concluded that high accuracy in training does not necessarily indicate superior performance in testing, particularly when limited variation exists in the training dataset

    The Development of Children’s Learning Assistance Strategy in The Covid-19 Pandemic with a Positive Deviance Approach

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    This study aims to help parents develop effective learning assistance strategies for their children's distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic. This study applies action research with a positive deviance approach, involving the transfer of knowledge and experiences of positive deviants, namely parents who have previously found adaptive assisting strategies. The participants consisted of parents of elementary school students, with children who are carrying out full learning from home. Data collection was carried out through interviews, focus group discussions, observation, and the use of documents via a google form, while the data analysis used thematic analysis techniques. The results obtained are in the form of a formulation of effective learning assistance strategies applied at home based on good parental practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, consisting of steps to overcome four specific challenges. All strategic steps formulated have a positive impact on both parents and children

    Purification of Raw Water from Pollutant using Coupling Membrane Filtration to UV Irradiation: Preliminary Study

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    The low quality of groundwater, along with the increasing demand for drinking water for the community, encourages the need for water treatment technology to produce quality drinking water that is environmentally friendly. One promising method to be applied is membrane technology. In water treatment systems, membrane technology is often not used alone but combined with other methods to improve water quality more effectively. This study aims to apply several methods for the raw water treatment system to drinking water, including membrane filtration and UV irradiation. The removal of chemical pollutants was investigated and compared to the standard value from Minister of Health Regulation No. 492 Year 2010 for drinking water quality. This coupled treatment successfully improved the water quality. The concentration of chemical and biological pollutants such as total dissolved solids (TDS), Fe, Zn, Pb, and total Coliform were reduced by 58.53%; 43.48%; 88.89%; 66.67%.; and 86.15%, respectively. The results indicate that coupling microfiltration membrane to UV irradiation method can be an effective treatment to remove chemical pollutants and enhance the quality of raw water for drinking water preparation


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